Why have a health screen?

Many serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease can be can be treated effectively if caught early enough. There’s no point worrying about what might happen with your health. If you’re approaching a milestone age or there’s a history of life-threatening illness in your family, having a health screening can help you evaluate your current situation for reassurance and peace of mind.

Our health screening tests are the most advanced available and if something does show up, you couldn’t be in better hands. Our team of world-renowned consultants are there to interpret your results, talk them through with you and recommend any further investigations or treatment.

Book your screening now and make the most of tomorrow.

What are the benefits of Advanced Screening?

Be in control

Whatever your situation, knowledge is power. Our cutting edge tests combined with on-going support mean you’re in the best possible position to make positive decisions to minimise future health risks.

Get peace of mind

For most people, a health screening will reveal a clean bill of health allowing them to feel reassured and move on with their life. In cases where abnormalities are detected, you know you’ll be in safe hands.

Highly accurate results

We carry out detailed tests that are not widely available. This means you get the most accurate results possible and can identify problems in time for them to be treated effectively.

Same day results

All tests relating to the core package will be undertaken on the same day, with results provided as part of your report. For all other tests, we aim to provide results within 24-72 hours.

On-going support

As part of HCA Healthcare UK we are able to offer fast-track access to world-class diagnostics or treatment. Whether it’s around the corner at The Harley Street Clinic or via our network of hospitals across London, we’re here to help you throughout your healthcare journey.

Leading consultants

No other programme offers the pedigree of consultants that we do; they are all are world-renowned experts in the diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening cancers and diseases.

About The Harley Street Clinic

The Advanced Screening Centre is based at The Harley Street Clinic, a complex care hospital specialising in cancer, heart disease and neuroscience. In the heart of London’s premier medical district, we diagnose and treat adults from across the UK. We are part of the world’s largest private hospital group, HCA Healthcare UK

Our health screening programme is reviewed regularly to ensure it is in line with the latest clinical thinking and we use equipment and techniques that are not readily available elsewhere.

Contact the Advanced Screening Centre

If you are interested in our screening programmes or would like to know more please don't hesitate to call or email us and we can talk you through you health screening options. 

020 7935 1000
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