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World-class cancer care in Manchester

Ensuring our patients receive the very best in private healthcare is central to all we do. This is made possible as leading consultants work together as a multidisciplinary team (MDT), sharing their relevant expertise across a range of medical specialisms and sub-specialisms.

From diagnosis, through to treatment and aftercare, you can be assured the high standards we set ourselves are met in every aspect of the patient care we deliver.

Christie Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment

At The Christie Private Care, our world-class consultants have access to state-of-the-art facilities, helping to ensure we can deliver the latest and most advanced cancer treatments.

We offer different types of cancer treatments, from surgery to systemic anti-cancer therapies and radiotherapy.

Cancer diagnostics

As a specialist cancer centre, it's likely you'll have had a diagnosis of cancer before you come to us. However our team has the facilities to provide further tests, and to confirm the exact type and stage of cancer you have. This is important in order to ensure you receive the best and most effective care. 

Ongoing diagnostic assessment is an important part of your cancer treatment. These tests will review how well you are responding to current treatment, and help inform your ongoing treatment plan.

Christie Diagnostics
Christie Surgery

Surgery for cancer

At The Christie Private Care, our team of specialist consultant surgeons sub-specialise in surgical treatment for specific cancers, meaning they have focused expertise and experience in particular types of cancer surgery.

From simple keyhole procedures, to specialist robotic surgery and complex surgical techniques such as intraoperative chemotherapy, our team will inform and advise you of the most suitable treatment options for you.

Christie chemotherapy

Chemotherapy and systemic anti-cancer therapies

Our day care facility provides a calm environment and offers the very latest chemotherapy regimens and anti-cancer therapies, including targeted drugs and immunotherapy. 

We have a team of leading consultants and specialist nurses who are trained in providing systemic anti-cancer therapies, and other healthcare professionals including complementary therapists, on-site to provide you with all the care and support you need.


At The Christie Private Care, we are one of the only private providers of radiotherapy treatment in our region, which is a complex treatment using high-dose external radiation beams to target tumours.

This requires a highly specialised team of physicists, dosimetrists and radiographers, supported by the state-of-the-art medical technology our centre has to offer. 
Radiotherapy TrueBeam
Christie Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology

Interventional radiology is an exciting and advancing area of cancer treatment. Combining innovative medical technology with the expertise of our consultant radiologists, means we can specialise in these minimally invasive, image guided diagnostic and treatment techniques.

Bone marrow and stem cell transplant

Bone marrow transplant, more commonly known as stem cell transplant, remains a leading treatment option for many blood cancers, and more recently has emerged as a promising treatment for multiple sclerosis.

At The Christie Private Care, our JACIE accredited Haematology Transplant Unit is the only facility of its kind in Manchester.

Supportive services

At The Christie Private Care we know how important it is to provide the treatment that is right for you, and to ensure you feel supported through all aspects of your care.

We offer patients a full range of supportive services, including specialist support from a Clinical Nurse Specialist, counselling, symptom control, complementary therapies including massage and reiki, dietetic advice, and health and wellbeing guidance.

Christie Wellbeing

Looking out for your health and wellbeing

At The Christie Private Care, we run a specialist health and wellbeing course for people who are nearing the end of their curative treatment, and looking for added support to help them move forward.

These small and informal sessions are run by a highly trained member of our psychology team, and provide an opportunity to meet people in a similar situation to yourself.  We also run a dedicated course for ‘Significant Others’ of patients who are at any stage of their cancer diagnosis or treatment. This can be partners, or close family members and friends of patients who feel they may benefit for extra support themselves.

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