Your visit

When it comes to having cancer treatment, we understand that you may feel worried or anxious. That's why our clinical trials are provided in a compassionate and calming environment. Our research team is dedicated to helping you feel as comfortable, relaxed and supported as possible under our care.

What you need to know

If you're interested in taking part in a clinical trial

We have many clinical trials currently underway at our central London clinic. You'll need a medical referral to be eligible to participate. If you're interested in taking part in a clinical trial, please speak to your GP or consultant. They'll be able to contact us to see if you're a suitable candidate for referral. If you're eligible and choose to take part in one of our trials, you may be able to receive innovative new treatment, and help to improve cancer care for future patients.

If you're coming for your first appointment

At your first appointment, you'll speak to one of our consultants about whether the trial is right for you. To help determine your eligibility, we may do a few routine tests, such as a full blood count or an ECG. If you're put forward for the trial, we'll let you know what's involved. Participation is entirely voluntary, and we encourage you to ask questions at every stage. The medicine or treatment used during the trial may be described as 'investigational'. This means it's being tested to see how well it works and if there are any side effects. For this reason, every study participant is closely monitored before, during and after the trial.

If you're coming in for a treatment appointment

The length and type of appointment will vary for each trial. A member of the research team will let you know where to go and what to expect. Our treatment suites are made up of light and spacious individual areas, which can be curtained off for privacy if you'd like. We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothes. For each appointment, you might be with us for several hours, or even all day. You'll have access to internet and TV during your stay, but you may also wish to bring a book or personal music to pass the time. We'll ask you about your dietary preferences and provide a choice of fresh food and drinks overseen by our dietitians.

If you'd like to bring a relative or carer with you

We understand that considering whether or not to participate in a clinical trial is a big decision. While the decision ultimately has to be made by you, some patients find it helps to bring a relative, friend or carer to their consultations to help them understand what's involved. If you've decided to participate in a trial, you're very welcome to bring a relative, friend or carer with you to your treatment appointments, too. If there is someone who you'd like to have particularly involved in your care, please just let us know.

The Living Well Programme

As part of your care at Sarah Cannon, you'll have access to a programme of workshops and clinics to support you during your treatment and beyond.
We are all absolutely focused on providing the highest possible standard of clinical excellence in everything we do.
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