Roodlane Medical Glasgow

203 St Vincent St , Glasgow, G2 5QD

Glasgow clinic

Roodlane Medical are specialist in corporate healthcare, providing specialist primary care health services to the UK's corporate market place. Our private GP clinic in Glasgow has experienced GPs and healthcare professionals who manage a full private primary care service, from the first appointment, through to diagnosis, treatment and follow up care.

Referrals for a diagnostic scans or to a specialist consultant can be made by a Roodlane GP.

Roodlane Medical Glasgow


203 St Vincent St

Glasgow G2 5QD

Phone number

0345 437 0691

Our services

Private GP services

including same day and next day appointments

Health screening services

Menopause service

Occupational health

Mental health


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Duty of candour

The organisational duty of candour procedure in Scotland is a legal duty which sets out how organisations should tell those affected that an unintended or unexpected incident appears to have caused harm or death, to apologise and to meaningfully involve them in a review of what happened. When the review is complete, the organisation should agree any actions required to improve the quality of care, informed by the principles of learning and continuous improvement. They should tell the person who appears to have been harmed (or those acting on their behalf) what those actions are and when they will happen. 

At Roodlane Medical Glasgow, all incidents are reviewed internally and learnings identified to prevent recurrence of such incidents. In 2022 there were no incidents that resulted in organisational duty of candour being required. 

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