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World-class cancer care at London Bridge Hospital

cancer care services Private Care at Guys Hospital

In the right hands for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

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London Bridge Hospital’s globally renowned cancer centre

London Bridge Hospital provides world-class cancer care across its campus which also includes a dedicated cancer centre: Private Care at Guy’s. At our hospital you’ll have access to the latest diagnostics, surgical procedures and treatment therapies for all cancer types. Our consultants and scientists are among the men and women researching and pioneering the latest treatments, ensuring even the most complex oncology, surgery and interventional radiology are made available here as soon as proven.

Outcomes for many cancer patients are improving all the time, as well as therapies becoming less toxic and more targeted through genetic profiling of tumours. From stem cell transplantation for blood cancers to the latest robot assisted radical prostatectomies, ours is a fully comprehensive cancer programme led by consultants breaking new ground in this ever-advancing field of medicine. If you are concerned about symptoms, search for a London Bridge Hospital consultant by specialty.

Why London Bridge Hospital?

  • Consultants advancing their fields in oncology and cancer surgery, in every specialty
  • Access to the latest clinical trials through HCA UK’s Sarah Cannon Research Institute 
  • Advanced molecular profiling of tumours to identify most effective treatment 
  • Diagnosis and treatment for all cancer types, and even the rarest and most complex
  • A JACIE accredited autologous stem cell transplant unit for blood cancers and MS
  • The latest diagnostic imaging: PET CT, SPECT-CT, Mammography, CT, MRI, ultrasound
  • Patients can speak to nurses and Resident Medical Officers specialising in oncology 24 hours a day in an emergency
  • The care, compassion and specialised knowledge of clinical nurse specialists and multidisciplinary teams

The consultants transforming lives today

If you have concerns about symptoms or a potential cancer diagnosis, quickly finding your way into the very best hands for diagnoses and treatment is vital. It’s rare for most private hospitals outside the HCA network to be able to provide the level of cancer expertise required within all specialties, along with the highly specialised teams supporting our consultants.

At London Bridge Hospital consultant oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, geneticists and pathologists have been selected for their outstanding capabilities in the treatment of each tumour type or blood cancer. Working together they will ensure you have the best care available. If you’re concerned about any symptoms, search for a London Bridge Hospital consultant by specialty via the specialty and treatment pages.

London Bridge Hospital’s Private Care at Guy’s cancer centre

Within London Bridge Hospital’s central campus is Private Care at Guy’s, our state-of-the-art cancer centre situated on the top four floors of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust cancer centre. Although our cancer centre is owned and operated by our team, it makes a strong connection between private healthcare and the NHS – one that leads to shared knowledge, and remarkable results. 

Our Private Care at Guy’s centre specialises in haemato-oncology (blood cancers), urology, gynaecology, breast, and conditions of the head, neck and thyroid. Here in our centre of excellence all cancer patients will have their systemic anti-cancer therapies such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy and new biological agents. With theatres, chemotherapy bays, oncology and surgical wards, and an intensive care unit with consultant intensivists resident 24 hours a day, we can offer complex medicine and a level support rarely found in private hospitals in the UK.


Diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Thorough investigation plays a vital role in treating cancer effectively. At London Bridge Hospital, we’re equipped to carry out the comprehensive range of highly specialised screening and diagnostic tests.


A new state-of-the-art PET-CT and nuclear medicine centre complement the latest technology across imaging modalities such as CT, Mammogram, MRI, Ultrasound and X-ray. Blood samples and biopsies are analysed on-site or at HCA UK laboratories. And for anyone concerned about the risk of inherited cancer, we also provide a genetic screening service.


Importantly consultant radiologists and pathologists with expertise in each area of cancer report on findings and ensure nothing is missed. 


Cancer facilities across our campus

Our Private Care at Guy’s theatres have a fully integrated da Vinci® Surgical System: a robot helping surgeons to perform the most complex, delicate procedures. This provides more precision when treating patients with prostate cancer, minimising the risks of side effects such as impotence and incontinence.



We have a dedicated private radiotherapy suite (located in Guy’s Hospital), an 18 bay treatment suite to deliver chemotherapy, immunotherapy and biologics, and Level 3 Intensive Care Units ensuring we can manage all levels of complexity and need when it comes to cancer. Patients with other cancer types such as oesophageal, renal, colorectal will have their surgery in the main London Bridge Hospital site. 

A few of our specialist cancer diagnostic clinics:


  • Rapid access and diagnosis breast centre at HCA UK The Shard  
  • Gynaecology clinic including hysteroscopy and colposcopy
  • Head & neck lump fine needle aspiration clinic led by consultant radiologists
  • Endobronchial and endoscopic ultrasound clinics
  • Cancer genetic testing clinic for BRCA1/2 and rarer cancer conditions
  • A rapid access urology clinic

A multidisciplinary team approach to each cancer type

Once diagnosed, cancer patients will be reviewed by the full team of cancer specialists in our multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings for each cancer type. At these regular meetings consultant clinical leads, many from leading NHS teaching hospitals come together with other healthcare professionals involved in a patient’s care to debate, plan and agree all aspects of treatment – so it will be based on shared insight of the best medical minds in the country. 

Hereditary cancer genetic testing at London Bridge Hospital

Our consultant geneticists lead multidisciplinary specialist clinics for BRCA1/2 gene mutation carriers and other rarer hereditary cancer conditions.They have extensive clinical and academic experience in Cancer Genetics and are able to support and advise patients and their families regarding further treatment or surgical options. 


Dr Anjana Kulkarni

Consultant Clinical Geneticist

Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists

Great cancer care means even more than our world-renowned consultants and state-of-the-art technology. It also means kindness and compassion. Clinical Nurse Specialists are nurses who, like consultants, specialise in their fields of medicine; from breast to colorectal and haematology. All major cancer specialities have CNSs who support patients and their families throughout their journey, from the moment they step in the door to the end of their treatment and throughout recovery. These specialists provide detailed information on their patients’ conditions and navigate their way through the healthcare ‘system’.

Other members of our cancer team:

  • a haematology clinical nurse specialist who works closely with consultants to support haematological treatments including autologous stem cell transplants
  • a consultant cardio-oncologist to monitor patients going through cancer treatments
  • a clinical psychologist, important in the comprehensive treatment of cancer
  • specialist oncology resident medical officers (RMOs) 24 hours a day
  • physiotherapists and occupational therapists
  • dieticians to provide specialist nutritional advice and support to patients undergoing cancer treatments
  • a therapist offering reflexology and massage

When to contact us

  • Call our customer service team icon plus

    Many people concerned about symptoms don’t have cancer but in any of the below circumstances call our customer service team on 020 7234 2009, and they will help direct you:

    • If you’re worried about symptoms and need to see a specialist, we’ll help direct you to the appropriate clinic and consultant
    • If you’ve seen a GP and need a specialist to determine a definitive diagnosis, we’ll recommend the right consultant
    • If you have a diagnosis and need to see a consultant for a second opinion we have a second opinion service
    • If you have been recommended to see an oncologist, we can direct you to the appropriate subspecialist

Cancer treatment across our wider HCA UK network

London Bridge Hospital patients have access to an even wider cancer network including Leaders in Oncology Care, The Harley Street Clinic, The Wellington Hospital, The Princess Grace Hospital, The Lister Hospital, The Christie Private Care and HCA UK at UCH. 

Genetics and personalised medicine

In the field of genetics and cancer we’re able to identify inherited genes to determine cancer risk and detect illness early. We also carry out DNA sequencing of tumours themselves to determine the most effective treatment for each of our patients thereby limiting the exposure to unnecessary toxic systemic therapies.

Clinical trials

London Bridge Hospital is able to access the latest clinical trials for our patients through the Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI), providing access to emerging therapies and alternative treatment options.

Keeping patients safe through strict governance

Our HCA UK cancer department brings together clinical experts under robust governance structures. This ensures we are able to provide safe and effective care within our cancer network.

Contact London Bridge Hospital

For patient appointments and enquiries email us or call:  

020 7234 2009
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