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Outstanding breast care at London Bridge Hospital

London Bridge Hospital provides comprehensive, outstanding care for all breast conditions. This care begins with our one-stop breast clinic, a highly personal and specialised service in our outpatient centre, HCA Healthcare UK at The Shard. The clinic offers rapid access to the latest diagnostic imaging, tests and pathways into treatment. Inpatient care will take place in our Private Care at Guy’s centre, a few minutes’ walk from The Shard. 

World-leading consultants and a team of breast specialists

Our breast clinic services draw on the expertise of the UK’s leading breast care consultants. Included among them are oncologists, surgeons, geneticists, radiologists and pathologists - many responsible for the latest developments in the assessment and management of breast conditions.

We use a multidisciplinary approach to all breast conditions, and alongside our consultants is an experienced and specialised team of breast clinical nurse specialists, cytologists, histopathologists, physiotherapists, dietitians, pharmacists, mammographers and radiographers.

Why choose London Bridge Hospital?

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    A dedicated team of London’s finest breast care consultants

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    One of the UK’s leading private hospitals with world-class facilities and an ‘Outstanding’ rating from the Care Quality Commission

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    A one-stop breast clinic: in approximately two and a half hours you’ll have your consultation, tests and initial results

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    Consultant geneticists carry out the latest inherited cancer genetic testing, and advise and support patients and their families

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    Breast care clinical nurse specialists provide continuous support and make arrangements for all stages of treatment for inpatients and outpatients

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    A Bupa accredited breast centre

Peace of mind in one visit to our breast clinic

We understand how stressful it can be when experiencing breast-related symptoms. Our one-stop breast clinic team will provide expert opinion and perform all the relevant diagnostic tests in just one visit.

A consultation with one of our consultant breast specialists involves a detailed history, a physical exam and where appropriate needle biopsy – with immediate results. It’s usually possible for consultants to make a definite diagnosis and discuss treatment options by the end of your consultations. We may even be able to start any treatment.

Should you need treatment you’ll be supported and navigated throughout by our breast clinical nurse specialists. They’ll provide all the clinical information you need, support you and your family, and help navigate each stage of your treatment.

The breast conditions we treat

We provide diagnosis, imaging and treatment to anyone experiencing breast changes or breast-related problems, including:

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    Breast pain (mastalgia)

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    Nipple discharge

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    Breast cysts

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    Nipple inversion

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    Inflammatory breast disease

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    Breast infections

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    Breast cancer

Treating other common breast-related conditions:

Correction of turned inward nipple 

A simple surgical procedure can put this right. It involves releasing or partially dividing the breast ducts by making an incision and drawing the nipple outwards.

Treatment for fibroadenoma 

A fibroadenoma is a harmless lump in the breast and often does not require surgery. If necessary, the lump can be removed without surgery under local anaesthetic.

Breast duct excision 

If experiencing nipple discharge, we carry out a surgical procedure called a breast duct excision or microductectomy which involves removing one (or more) milk ducts to find out the cause of the problem.

Breast diagnostic tests

At our London Bridge Hospital breast centre, you will have immediate access to a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests including: digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), using digital X-ray technology to create a three-dimensional view of the breast; fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC), to either obtain cells from a breast lesion or to draw fluid from a cyst; and lowest-dose CT scanning.

In addition to breast MRI, breast ultrasound scan and image guided biopsy, HCA UK continually invests in the latest technology, credited with producing the faster imaging and with improved ergonomic design for greater comfort.

Breast cancer screening

Women, older than 40, can self-refer or obtain a GP referral for a breast screening mammogram in a number of our outpatient centres: in The Shard and at 31 Old Broad Street in HCA UK City of London. For those under the age of 40 who are worried about inherited genes and breast cancer, they should get a referral to a breast consultant so a detailed history can be taken to ascertain whether hereditary genetic testing is appropriate. 

Breast cancer care at Private Care at Guy’s

Our Private Care at Guy’s centre specialises in treating people with cancer. The majority of breast problems are unrelated to breast cancer, however, if treatment is required, our consultants provide the latest breast cancer treatments and a comprehensive range of oncology services including:
  • 18 bay chemotherapy treatment suite
  • Access to private radiotherapy services
  • Outpatient clinics, a day case unit and inpatient beds
  • Four state-of-the-art theatres
  • Genetic testing for BRCA 1 and 2
  • Access to the latest clinical trials

Our multidisciplinary teams

We operate within a multidisciplinary team framework. This includes leading clinical and medical oncologists, breast surgeons, radiologists, breast clinical nurse specialists, physiotherapists, dietitians, psychologists and pathologists – all contributing to the expertise of our team.  This multidisciplinary team meets weekly to discuss all patients with a breast cancer diagnosis to agree the optimum treatment.

Breast surgery and reconstruction

If you require breast surgery or reconstruction after a mastectomy, our consultant breast surgeons and plastic surgeons specialise in the latest breast reconstruction techniques for complex procedures.

There are several options for breast reconstruction including autologous reconstruction (using your own tissue) and implant-only reconstruction. The following types of breast reconstruction are available at London Bridge Hospital:
  • Implant reconstruction
  • Implant reconstruction with matrix (a surgical mesh)
  • Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap (DIEP Flap)
  • Superior Gluteal Artery Perforator Flap (SGAP Flap)
  • Transverse Myocutaneous Gracilis Flap or Transverse Upper Gracilis Flap (TMG or TUG Flap)
  • Latissimus dorsi flap
  • Profunda Artery Perforator Flap (PAP Flap)

Consultant breast care specialists

At London Bridge Hospital our breast care service includes consultant surgeons and oncologists. Our consultants are supported by Clinical Nurse Specialists in breast care and a team of experienced nurses. 

Referrals to London Bridge Hospital

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    If you are concerned about symptoms and in any of the following circumstances, contact our customer service team who can help direct you on 020 7234 2009:

    • If you’re worried about symptoms and need to see a specialist
    • If you’ve seen a GP and need a specialist to determine a definitive diagnosis
    • If you have a diagnosis and need to see a consultant for a second opinion
    • If you have been recommended to see an oncologist
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