About London Bridge Hospital’s specialist units

London Bridge Hospital hosts a number of ‘specialist units’. These are groups of consultants who work together collaboratively in our hospital. Patients can benefit from a range of subspecialties within one group of consultants, or should a patient need to change consultant for the next stage of their treatment, they can stay within the specialist unit whilst proceeding with their care.

Each London Bridge Hospital consultant has been selected for their expertise, clinical subspecialties and high standards of care. Whether or not patients prefer to be with a group, they can be confident all our consultants operate within a multidisciplinary team framework, meeting regularly to discuss complex cases and agree the most appropriate treatment pathway.

London Bridge Sleep Centre

The London Bridge Sleep Centre is dedicated to the treatment of sleep disorders including insomnia, nocturnal epilepsy and sleep related breathing disorders. Our consultant neurologists, physiologists and sleep therapists can identify and measure conditions through clinical analysis and comprehensive sleep studies using a variety of scientific factors.


Dr Guy Leschziner

Consultant Neurologist

More about the types of specialist units

A specialist unit for each stage of diagnosis and treatment

Some specialist units have multi-professional teams such as the Head, Neck & Thyroid team. Here you’ll find consultants that work together to support patients throughout their healthcare journey: from initial diagnosis with consultant radiologists and pathologists, to surgery and oncology, including reconstructive and plastic surgery. This can put patients with complex needs into the right hands quickly, at each stage of their treatment. 

A specialist unit with complementary skillsets 

Another example is in musculoskeletal medicine where you’ll find consultants in all subspecialties of orthopaedic surgery – sometimes working together with neurosurgeons, rheumatologists, sports & exercise, and pain management consultants. In this case, should it be unclear exactly what subspecialty a patient needs, they can be placed in the hands of the appropriate consultant once the team have reviewed diagnostics and identified the next course of action. 



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