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We're proud to work with expert, world-class clinicians, who also work in the UK's highly respected NHS teaching hospitals. Our consultants are at the top of their field and will look after you themselves throughout the time you're with us.
We're fortunate to work with leading healthcare doctors and surgeons, who are consultants at the very top of their medical field.

John Reay, President and CEO of HCA Healthcare UK

Common questions about our doctors

  • How do I choose a consultant? icon plus

    Depending on your healthcare needs, you can choose from the comprehensive list of consultants who work with us. It's simple to search for a consultant by name, or filter by their gender or area of expertise. Once you've chosen a consultant, you can call us to arrange an appointment or you can request an appointment online.
  • How long does it take to get an appointment? icon plus

    We know that waiting for an appointment can be a stressful time. We can usually arrange an initial consultation for you within a few days. For many of our diagnostic tests and private GP services, same or next-day appointments are often available. We'll do our very best to keep any waiting time as short as possible.
  • What should I expect from my initial consultation? icon plus

    You'll be asked to bring the results of any recent tests or scans you've had with you to your appointment. Your consultant will review these along with your medical history and referral information. They'll examine you, talk to you about your condition and answer any questions you may have. To help your consultant make a diagnosis, you may need to have some further tests or assessments. We'll arrange these for you. Minor or routine tests, with the exception of a CT or MRI scan, are included in the cost of your initial appointment. Your consultant will discuss your diagnosis with you and make arrangements for further treatment if needed.
  • Do I need a GP referral to see a consultant? icon plus

    To see a consultant, you will usually need a GP referral. Your GP has access to your medical history, which will not only benefit you but will also be helpful to your consultant. If you have private medical insurance, your insurer will usually require a GP referral. We suggest that you contact your insurance company first to confirm what details they need and treatments they cover. If you don't have a referral or are unable to see your own GP, you can see one of our private GPs at a time that suits you and they can make the referral for you. To make an appointment at one of our GP clinics in London, Birmingham, Manchester or Glasgow call 0333 005 0565.
  • Will the same consultant always be involved in my care? icon plus

    Yes. All of our patients benefit from consultant-led care, and your treatment will never be delegated to a junior staff member. While many of our consultants work in multidisciplinary teams to determine the best course of treatment, your consultant will always be in charge of your care.
  • What if I'd like to see a different consultant? icon plus

    We want you to feel confident that you're getting the very best advice and treatment. If you've already seen a consultant and would like to discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan with another expert, we're happy to help you seek a second opinion. With more than 3,000 consultants practising across our network of hospitals and treatment centres, there's always a different consultant who can provide expert care and advice, whatever your needs or condition.
  • How does HCA Healthcare UK select consultants? icon plus

    Every consultant at HCA Healthcare UK has gone through a rigorous application process to acquire practising privileges with us.

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