WFH?! Why working from home is actually better than working in the office

Let's be honest, working from home (WFH) comes easier to some of us than to others. But that doesn't mean it can't work for you, regardless if you're a fan of it or not. We've put together a few points as to why WFH can be better than working in the office.

Less time commuting

No-one, well almost no-one, likes waking up early to get ready for work. Even less so if you then need to jump on a crowded bus or train - and this is all BEFORE you've even started work.

WFH means you can get up later (worth at least an extra hour in bed, maybe more for some) and relax before even thinking about work. Have an unrushed shower, calm breakfast and change into comfortable clothes before booting up that laptop at a desk with a chair of your choice. Bliss.

Wear what you like - well, almost

You always feel more productive the more comfortable and replaced you are. What better way to use this to your advantage then wearing what you want to work from home.

Whether you prefer jeans, jogging bottoms or shorts - pick something to wear all day and not be afraid to answer the door to the delivery person too!

No lunchtime rush

It's lunchtime, you're in the office - what do you do? Rush out to grab a bite then dash back to your desk and eat as you work?

Not if you're WFH. You can take your time to prepare you own lunch (saving money) and have it the way YOU want it. Prefer an extra slice of ham? You got it.

Don't like the lettuce from the local deli? Don't have lettuce. Would like a little more orange juice with your meal deal? Pour your own glass! The choices are endless - and the best bit? You can either relax on the sofa or take it into the garden, if you have one.

After work drinks

It's 5pm, on a Friday, it's been a loooooong week. The pub is calling as is the latest non-alcoholic cocktail you've been aching to try or the cold beer you long for each week.'re in luck my friend! Not only is there no queue for your fridge - if there is, tell someone - but you can stock it with what you want.

Now, all that's left is to get your work colleagues or friends on a Teams call or Zoom video and discuss the week, who that weird person was on that email thread and where you'd like to go on holiday when the lockdown ends.
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