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HCA Healthcare UK works with medical and surgical consultants, and talented clinical teams from across the globe. Each and every one has a skill set and healthcare knowledge most of us would envy. We've asked a selection of our health professionals to give some of their best tips, advice, guidance and expertise on a range of different health subjects. 

We hope you will discover some of the amazing health and wellbeing information our specialists have to share to help you focus on maintaining and improving your health and wellbeing.

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General health and wellbeing

Mixture of articles talking about the latest health and wellbeing topics

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Cancer Care section of blog

Cancer Care

Discussing, diagnosis, management and living beyond cancer

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Cardiac testing

Cardiac Care

A focus on factors affecting the heart, including the latest cardiac technologies

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Wellington Ortho link

Orthopaedics , Sport & Exercise

Discussing latest advancements and individual treatments across all areas of orthopaedics.

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Urology services for women

Women's Health

A look at health topics affecting women including maternity

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Urology for men

Men's Health

Looking at health topics affecting a man's health and wellbeing

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Fertility services at HCA UK


Articles about your fertility health and options available to help conceive a child

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Childrens General Paediatric


Articles about children and adolescent health and wellbeing from 0-18 years olds.

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Multidisciplinary team Gamma Knife

Clinical neurosciences

Latest information and hot topic within neurology and neurosurgery

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Mhairi patient story

Consultant Q&A

Our consultants answer frequently asked questions on their specialist areas

Latest articles

Orthopaedic Care

Blog by Mr Andrew Goldberg

A sprained ankle – more serious than you think?

Blog by Mr Mazin Ibrahim

Safety on the snow

Blog by Professor Fares Haddad

How Mako is making waves?

Blog by Mr Tom Ember, Spinal Consultant

The rise of MDTs in private patient practice

Blog by Mr Rob Pollock

Sarcoma spotlight

Blog by Mr Marco Sinisi

Rewiring mind and body after a complex injury

Blog by Mr Kumar Kunasingam

Your questions about bunions and treatment options are answered

Blog by Prof Tony Kochhar

Flying after an operation: s there a risk of deep-vein thrombosis (DVT)?

Blog by Mr Mike Walton

Recovering a shoulder from absolute zero

Blog by Professor Richard Field

Anterior Hip Surgery: Is it time to lead from the front

Blog by Muna Kassim

Round-the-clock expertise – HCA UK’s CNS success story

Blog by Naome Mukanganise, Theatre Coordinator

How a trip to New Zealand inspired an orthopaedic career

Blog by Mr Andrew Goldberg

Award winning study for the treatment of ankle arthritis

Blog by Professor Lennard Funk

Superior Capsular Reconstruction

Blog by Mr Sam Oussedik

A traditional surgical technique gets a new upgrade

Blog by Mr Karan Malhotra and Mr Matthew Welck

Bunions and beyond: Leading the field in bespoke treatment

Blog by Mr Jonathan Wright

Correcting children's limb deformities

Blog by Mr Alistair Hunter

Getting to grips with thumb arthritis

Blog by Dr Sanjay Vijayanathan

Working with SPECT CT

Blog by Mr Omar Haddo

How to tell if you have a Frozen shoulder

Blog by Mr Neil Jain

Understanding knee pain and knee injuries

Blog by Mr David Murray

How 3D printing resolved a complex industrial forearm injury

Blog by Miss Sarah Muirhead-Allwood

4 Signs you might need a hip replacement

Blog by Mr Andrew Goldberg, OBE

Best ways to avoid a foot and ankle injury

Blog by Natasha Price, Physiotherapist

What impact does your working life has on your body?

Blog by Mr Giles Stafford

Young adults guide to hip pain

Blog by Mr Rob Pollock

Bone cancer symptoms and the impact of COVID-19

Blog by Mr Giles Bantick

Get to grip with hand conditions

Blog by Mr Giles Stafford

Hip replacements: Cemented vs uncemented hip replacements

General health articles

Blog by Tracey Sainsbury, Fertility Counsellor

Myth Busting: Implications Counselling

Blog by London Gastroparesis Service

Gastroparesis: A conversation with the specialists

Blog by Tracey Sainsbury, Fertility Counsellor

Navigating Stress and Fertility

Blog by Dr Nida Chammas

Signs and symptoms of diabetes

Blog by Mr Ali Mearza

Eye correction surgery explained

Blog by Dr Afrina Alam

Eczema - Top 4 most googled questions answered

Blog by Kate Waters, Clinical Nurse Specialist

An insight into the work of a Clinical Nurse Specialist

Blog by Simon Brittz, Counselling Psychologist

What is burnout?

Blog by Mr Ken Anson

All you need to know about kidney stones

Staff stories: Michelle-Monae

The Lister Fertility Clinic: Exploring surrogacy and egg donation

Blog by Dearbhaile O'Hanlon, London Digestive Health

Life of a dietitian

Blog by Dr Vikram Sharma

Spotting the signs of liver disease

Blog by Dr Melanie James, Counselling Psychologist

How to handle hybrid working

Blog by Katharine James, Clinical Psychologist

8 tips to target pandemic-induced languishing


Virtual GP consultations


WFH - Why working from home is actually better than the office

Blog by Naomi Le Touze, Senior Respiratory Physiologist

Long COVID-19 symptoms

Blog by Dr Niaz Khan

How to find a healthcare provider


Q&A with Professor Giuseppe Kito Fusai: Impact of the pandemic

Blog by Dr Jane Benjamin

Lockdown 2.0

Blog by Dr Philip Woodland

What causes diarrhoea?

Blog by Diana Armstrong, Psychologist

Coronavirus pandemic: Am I in a movie

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