The Harley Street Clinic was the first hospital in the UK to offer CyberKnife® — giving new hope to patients with complex or inoperable tumours. Despite its name, CyberKnife® isn't a knife at all. It's a painless and entirely non-invasive alternative to open surgery.

Using a robotic arm attached to a miniaturised radiotherapy machine, CyberKnife® delivers precise beams of radiation from thousands of angles. This revolutionary medical technology is able to target multiple tumours during a single treatment. Treatment can be completed in just a few hours, meaning our patients are able to go home the same day and get back to their usual routine faster.

Unlike other radiosurgery systems, which are primarily used for head cancers, CyberKnife® can deliver radiotherapy to any part of the body, including cancerous tumours of the brain, spine, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys and prostate.


We can even track a patient's tumour as they breathe in and out.
Dr Andrew Gaya

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

The precision of CyberKnife® treatment allows for a very high dose of radiotherapy to be delivered directly to the tumour. The system is able to continuously track and detect tumour position throughout treatment. This incredible accuracy helps to protect healthy surrounding tissue.

Our facilities

We continually invest in the most advanced treatment technology to make sure you have access to the best care. The Harley Street Clinic is known for it's pioneering treatments, including CyberKnife®.

It’s really the best treatment you could have.

CyberKnife® patient

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