Complex GI Centre

Which patients can benefit?

We treat patients with intestinal failure who are in need of nutritional support. As well as malnutrition due to complex Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), surgical complications and advanced GI cancer, this also includes those suffering from:
  • Enterocutaneous fistula
  • Short bowel syndrome
  • Chronic bowel obstruction

Examples of treatments and procedures

  • Multidisciplinary team management of complex patients

    Your patient will receive enteral and parenteral nutrition support from a whole team of clinicians, including clinical nurse specialists, radiologists, dietitians, pharmacists, consultant oncologists and haematologists, surgeons, histopathologists and microbiologists.
  • Home parenteral nutrition

    Our programme allows patients with chronic conditions who need nutritional support to receive that treatment at home without having to travel to hospital. The Princess Grace Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the UK that can offer this treatment.

  • Perioperative nutrition

    We offer personalised, perioperative nutrition programmes for patients with pre-operative malnutrition. This gives them the vital preparation they need for the stress of surgery and the best possible chance of a good recovery.

Why us?

Our specialised Intestinal Failure Unit is equipped to deal with all types of conditions, from the acute to the chronic, and our ability to treat patients with a parenteral nutrition programme from the comfort of their home is unique in the private sector. Meanwhile, our world-leading gastroenterologists are experts in identifying complex nutritional conditions, from reduced gut functions to the wider health impacts of malabsorption.

Our consultants are widely published and actively spearheading research into conditions including Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and intestinal failure. They’re helping to shape the future of gastrointestinal care to benefit patients everywhere.

Our lead consultants

Dr Farooq Rahman

Dr Rahman is a Consultant Gastroenterologist practicing at University College Hospital, where he is also an Honorary Associate Professor. His unique combination of education, research and clinical practice means patients receive the highest level of treatment and care.

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