The Acute Admissions Unit at The Princess Grace Hospital treats both urgent medical and surgical conditions that do not require an Accident and Emergency unit.
Whether referred by a GP, oncologist, clinician, or directly from the Urgent Care Centre, our dedicated unit is appropriately staffed with access to an exceptional team of medical and surgical doctors, clinical nurse specialists and healthcare professionals who can assign tests, scans and other investigations as necessary.

Critical care at a critical moment

We believe the first few hours of a patient presenting with acute conditions are critical to establishing the correct diagnosis and treatment plans.

AAU’s ‘First Hour’ policy ensures that patients have the correct assessment and access to immediate investigations and initial treatments as soon as these are required.

Acute admissions unit

At The Princess Grace Hospital, our AAU is supported by:

• A dedicated out-of-hours team led by our intensive care unit and ‘on-call’ teams
• Radiology teams (diagnostic imaging)
• Pathology and blood tests
• Access to on-site point of care testing, with urgent tests undertaken as necessary and sent to laboratories
• Pharmacy teams including clinical specialists
• ITU Outreach Team with immediate admission if needed
• Level 3 intensive care unit
• Access to allied health professionals
• Urgent admissions for oncology patients needing medical intervention
• Urgent admissions for surgical patients
• The AAU has a dedicated infusion suite for day case patients
• Outpatient review to support wound dressing reviews


Urgent Care Centre

The Urgent Care Centre - Marylebone at The Princess Grace Hospital, is open and offering  face-to-face walk-in appointments from 8.00am-8.00pm, Monday to Sunday  (last appointment 7.00pm). Telemedicine consultations are available Monday  to Sunday, 8.00am-8.00pm. 
Urgent Care Centre at The Princess Grace Hospital
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