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Harley Street Clinic Facility

Complex care for adults, children and babies


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Our leading consultants and clinical teams diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions. We're one of London's premier cancer care centres and are accredited with the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark.

  • Intensive care medicine

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    No matter how ill you become when you're one of our patients, you won't have to be transferred to another hospital. With level 2 and level 3 intensive care units in all our main hospitals, we can take care of you even in the most challenging situations. In fact, our patient survival rates are five times...

  • Medical oncology

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    Medical oncology is a branch of cancer care concerned with the treatment and management of cancer using anti-cancer medication and drug therapies. From our dedicated chemotherapy suites to the latest immunotherapy and hormone treatments, we have the facilities and expertise to offer medical care for...

  • Clinical oncology

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    Clinical oncology uses radiotherapy and systemic therapy to treat and manage cancer, without surgery. Radiotherapy treats cancer using exact and carefully measured doses of radiation directed to the specific area of the body where the cancer is. Systemic therapy includes chemotherapy, hormone therapy...

  • Cardiology

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    With us, you're in good hands. Our cardiology consultants have an international reputation for carrying out pioneering diagnostic tests and treatments, including cardiac imaging, pacemaker and defibrillator services and coronary angioplasty. Our cardiology centres at London Bridge Hospital, The Harley...

  • Neurosurgery

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    Neurosurgery describes the surgical treatment of conditions affecting the nervous system. This may involve the skull, brain or spine and can range from minimally invasive procedures for back pain to major intracranial surgery for tumours. Our multidisciplinary teams of neurosurgeons, radiologists, neuropathologists,...

  • Paediatrics

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    When a child is unwell, it can be a worrying and difficult time for the whole family. Together, The Harley Street Clinic and The Portland Hospital provide the very best in private paediatric care. We offer general paediatrics and routine procedures, right through to complex cardiac, cancer and neurological...

LOC at The Harley Street Clinic

Leaders in Oncology Care (LOC) is a specialist treatment centre at the forefront of cancer care. LOC at The Harley Street Clinic is a dedicated facility providing outpatient chemotherapy care and radiotherapy in a calm, comfortable and supportive environment. The units are spacious and modern, and offer state-of-the-art therapies. You'll be cared for by our team of specialist cancer nurses. They all work closely with pharmacists, allied health professionals and resident medical officers, to provide a high standard of care to patients under the care of our consultant oncologists.

What is chemosaturation therapy?

Find out more about chemosaturation therapy and how it differs from traditional chemotherapies.

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No matter if you have a one-off consultation or surgery planned, we want you to feel at home from the moment you arrive.

Our technology

Gamma Knife

Gamma Knife is a ground-breaking piece of equipment used to treat brain tumours and certain brain conditions with incredible precision.


The Harley Street Clinic was the first hospital in the UK to offer CyberKnife® treatment — giving new hope to patients with complex tumours.

PET CT Scanner

PET-CT scanners combine the technology of computised tomography (CT) and positron emission tomography (PET) in one full body scanner.

Our location

The Harley Street Clinic

Date : 4 January 2017

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How we work with doctors

Caring for patients is our first priority and we're proud that leading consultants choose to run their private practice from The Harley Street Clinic.

Why choose us?

At The Harley Street Clinic, we provide a range of complex care services for patients, specialising in oncology, cardiology and neuroscience for adults and children. From open heart surgery on new-born babies to pioneering techniques to treat cancer, our clinicians work together to provide the best possible care and treatments for our patients. Our staff always go the extra mile in caring for our patients which can be demonstrated by our recent outstanding rating awarded by the CQC. We have separate paediatric and adult intensive care units (ICUs), and our paediatric ICU is the largest private facility in Europe, with 18 beds. This allows us to support cardiology, cardiac, thoracic, cancer, spinal and other major treatments for children. We have 103 beds in total, including nine adult ICU beds offering the highest level of one-to-one care.
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