Pre-implantation genetic screening

Comprehensive screening of chromosomes in an embryo

Genetic tests to check chromosomes in an embryo for abnormalities such as monogenic disorders, structural rearrangements and aneuploidy.

About CGH screening

Array CGH is a preimplantation genetic screening (PSG) test. It comprehensively screens all chromosomes in an embryo for abnormalities before it is transferred to the womb. Genetically normal embryos have a higher chance of implantation and the resulting pregnancies have a lower chance of miscarriage.

Need to know

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    The procedure is usually divided into the following steps: Step 1: Assisted reproduction You will have routine IVF or ICSI to produce eggs, which are then collected and fertilised. Step 2: Embryo biopsy When the embryos are five days old, a few cells are removed from each one and sent for testing. The embryos being analysed do not leave the clinic — they are either returned to the incubator or frozen until the test results are available. Step 3: Genetic testing The cells are then analysed independently. The test results show how many copies there are of each chromosome, revealing if there are any abnormal embryos.
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    Your consultant will let you know exactly what happens during the procedure and answer any questions you may have.
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    Your results should be available within 24-36 hours. However, sometimes we can have results for you within four hours. Once genetic testing is complete, we use the results along with standard assessments to help us decide which embryos to transfer to the womb. No test is 100% accurate, so following any genetic screening, we also recommend that you have prenatal testing if you become pregnant.

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