January 09, 2023

London Bridge Hospital becomes the only hospital globally to achieve platinum accreditation in esteemed people managment award

London Bridge Hospital, part of HCA Healthcare UK, has achieved Platinum accreditation in the We Invest in People award; the highest accreditation achievable from Investors in People, a global organisation committed to recognising excellence in people management. London Bridge Hospital is currently the only hospital globally to achieve this status. 

As part of the Investors in People accreditation process, through which organisations can show they are actively making their workplaces better for employees, London Bridge Hospital was recognised for attaining High Performing (Platinum) in eight out of nine indicators* linked to leading and inspiring people, performance, credibility and delivering improvement and success.

Within its report, Investors In People commented, “London Bridge Hospital is a friendly organisation that cares deeply about its staff and lives the ethos it has defined for itself every day”. It also said “there is a healthy balance between the high standards expected of individuals at London Bridge Hospital and the support and recognition people receive for their hard work and dedication.”

The organisation was particularly impressed by the dedication, professionalism and commitment shown by the whole London Bridge Hospital work force, reporting that “staff are proud to work at London Bridge Hospital thanks to the positive impact they have with patients and the culture of excellence”. They also noted that that “there is now truly values-based leadership in evidence throughout and the values are at the heart of the way the organisation operates with all stakeholders – partners, consultants, patients and staff.”

Rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, the patients of London Bridge Hospital scored their satisfaction at 95%, which Investors In People attribute to the “300+ nurses who are trained and mentored to very high standards by line managers, clinical specialists and the training team.”

Additional evidence given as to why London Bridge Hospital received the Platinum accreditation includes:

  • There is a real learning culture at London Bridge Hospital, with the hospital’s Learn and Grow Strategy investing in and developing people through high quality learning; giving everyone the training and qualifications that they need to excel at their jobs and grow their careers. 
  • The hospital responded quickly and effectively to Covid-19, putting people first and investing in solutions to support staff around workload to ensure delivery of safe and high-quality care remains the same.
  • There has been a clear increase in focus on diversity and inclusion in the last year at London Bridge Hospital. Nurses are recruited from all over the world, and are provided with accommodation and English lessons.
  • The wellbeing of staff is paramount, with initiatives around financial, physical, mental and social wellbeing available. 
  • Working in an open, honest and supportive culture where every colleague is encouraged to speak up, and there are channels in place to give everyone a voice and to be listened to.
We’d like to congratulate London Bridge Hospital, part of HCA Healthcare UK. Platinum accreditation on We Invest in People is a remarkable effort for any organisation, and places London Bridge Hospital in fine company with a host of organisations that understand the value of people.

Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People

We are delighted to have been recognised by Investors In People with the Platinum accreditation in the We Invest In People award. This is a true testament to the entire London Bridge Hospital team, where every single employee has worked hard to make this a reality. The happiness of our staff is reflected in the happiness of our patients, in which 95% were pleased with their quality of care. We are committed to continuing this level of accreditation and look forward to our next review in 2025.

Janene Madden, CEO of London Bridge Hospital

What a phenomenal accomplishment for both London Bridge Hospital and HCA UK, receiving the highest accolade that can be achieved against the Investors in People Standard. This award truly recognises all of the hard work over the past few years in continuing to make our colleague experience exceptional.

Vicky Goodacre, Chief HR Officer at London Bridge Hospital

Notes to Editors: 

About Investors in People 
Most of us will spend around 80,000 hours at work in our lifetimes. For something that takes up that much of our time, we think people deserve to get more out of it than just a regular pay cheque. That's why we've already helped more than 11 million people across 75 countries to make work better. And you know what, we’re just getting started…

How are we doing that?

We’re a community interest company, which means we put our purpose before our profits. That means everything we do and every direction we take is done to make work better. 
Organisations that meet the We invest in our people framework are proud to display their accreditation to the world. Because they understand that it’s people that make work better.


 About London Bridge Hospital:

  • London Bridge Hospital is renowned for treating patients from around the world: delivering complex and acute medicine, with particular focus on cardiac care, oncology, orthopaedics, gynaecology and urology, as well as stem cell, liver and renal transplants.
  • Drawn mainly from London’s leading teaching hospitals, our consultants are known for their outstanding contributions to medicine. Many are doing pioneering work in the NHS. They’re supported by experts in their fields – be it nursing or radiology, physiotherapy or pharmacy – whose specialist knowledge plays a vital part in every patient’s treatment and recovery. Here, we take a multidisciplinary approach to care.
  • London Bridge Hospital is rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, delivering 24 hour acute and complex care for patients over 18.  Across its main campus there are 189 inpatient beds, 26 intensive care beds, 10 operating theatres, two cath labs, a hybrid theatre, two endoscopy theatres and a dialysis unit. Supported by comprehensive and advanced diagnostic and interventional imaging equipment.
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 About HCA Healthcare UK: 

  • From complex and urgent care to primary care, outpatient and day-case treatment, HCA Healthcare UK provides expert medical care across a system of hospitals, outpatient clinics and NHS partnerships. 
  • HCA Healthcare UK has a higher proportion of CQC ‘Outstanding’ ratings than any other private hospital group in the UK, with a total of 16 ‘Outstanding’ locations and 17 ‘Good’ locations.
  • HCA Healthcare UK includes London Bridge Hospital, The Princess Grace Hospital, The Portland Hospital, The Harley Street Clinic, The Lister Hospital, The Wellington Hospital, The Wilmslow Hospital and Roodlane Medical. 
  • HCA UK also partner with leading NHS Trusts to provide care at HCA UK at University College Hospital, The Christie Private Care and Private Care at Guy’s. 
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