October 31, 2019

Leaders in Oncology Care at Chelsea rated outstanding by CQC

LOC at Chelsea, one of HCA Healthcare UK’s private cancer treatment centres, has been rated ‘Outstanding’ by the national regulators at the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The service provides a ‘one-stop' chemotherapy service for patients including: consultation; diagnostic tests, (such as PET CT) treatment in a specially designed unit and supportive therapies.

Designed to provide access to exceptional personalised care and state of the art diagnostic services, LOC at Chelsea holds specialist clinics for all cancer types, as well as access to clinical trials and psychological support clinics.

The CQC’s report praised the LOC at Chelsea for being caring and responsive, and highlighted their attention to safety, effectiveness and leadership.

The report identified that the staff at LOC Chelsea frequently and visibly ‘go the extra mile’– especially with regards to providing exceptional emotional support for both patients and their families, particularly when dealing with highly sensitive situations.

Feedback from patients confirmed the expertise and kindness and compassion of staff. One patient told the CQC that “having treatment here is my happy place, they make me feel very safe”, another said that she came to the service specifically because she heard the care was “excellent” and that it “did not disappoint”.

This was supported by the report’s findings that staff included patients and their families in discussions of their condition, and in making decisions about their care and treatment therefore minimising feelings of distress.

Expert and caring

Prominent within the report was the emphasis on multidisciplinary care – with regular and robust MDT’s, and the seamless, integrated multidisciplinary care provided by clinical nurse specialists.

The service also used an electronic MDT to involve other professionals in clinical discussions which meant there was no delay in patient treatment. The eMDT provided rapid access to consultants who could rely on the eMDT to provide the clinical information necessary to make the best decision for the patients including access to the very latest clinical trials.

The CQC report also highlighted multiple other examples of outstanding practice that enabled the delivery of high quality, care at the facility, including;

· The service provided each new patient with a holistic needs assessment which assessed any additional physical and mental health need. At this assessment the cultural, social and religious needs of the patient was taken into consideration

· Staff supported and involved patients and families to understand their condition and make decisions about their care and treatment

· The service emphasised the importance of patients emotional and social needs. They set up patient groups and support networks and signposted patients to them accordingly

· The service provided a plethora of complementary therapies, from reflexology to massage to assist patients with symptom management.

Nuala Close, vice president of cancer HCA Healthcare UK, said: "We are extremely proud to have been awarded a rating of Outstanding from the Care Quality Commission. We work as a team to ensure all patients receive the best possible treatment and care which is both compassionate and supportive during a very difficult time in their lives.

"This, paired with our state-of-the-art diagnostics and access to new treatments ensures that we are able to provide care to the highest possible standard."

Nigel Acheson, deputy chief inspector of hospitals for London and the south, said: "This is the first time we have inspected LOC @ Chelsea and I would like to congratulate the management and leadership team on their outstanding rating. 

"Now that they have set the bar so high I hope these standards can be maintained in future inspections."

Read the CQC’s full report here


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About the LOC at Chelsea

Located in the heart of Chelsea at 102 Sydney Street, the outpatient and diagnostic centre has brought together the expertise and innovation of Leaders in Oncology Care and The Lister Hospital to South West London. The £12 million facility provides access to exceptional personalised care and state of the art diagnostic services. The introduction of LOC at Chelsea reinforces the commitment LOC to providing the highest standard of patient care in an environment that enables people to feel positive and energised as well as supported and cared for, throughout their cancer journey.

About HCA Healthcare UK

HCA Healthcare UK includes The Princess Grace Hospital, The Portland Hospital, The Harley Street Clinic, The Lister Hospital, The Wellington Hospital, Roodlane Medical Ltd, and Blossoms Healthcare. HCA UK also partner with leading NHS Trusts to provide care at HCA UK at University College Hospital, The Christie Private Care and Private Care at Guy’s.
Leaders in oncology care at chelsea rated outstanding by cqc
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