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Why choose us?

Opened by Princess Grace of Monaco in 1977, The Princess Grace Hospital is renowned for investing in the latest technology and offering patients groundbreaking medical treatments.

We were the first hospital in the UK to offer hip and knee surgery using the MAKOplasty robotic arm and one of the first hospitals to offer radical prostatectomy procedures using the da Vinci surgical robot. The London Breast Institute is based within the main Princess Grace hospital and is recognised as one of the best private breast screening and diagnostic treatment centres in the UK. Our London Digestive Centre is a highly specialised outpatient facility offering diagnoses and treatments for all conditions of the stomach, small and large intestines, liver, pancreas, and bile ducts. The Princess Grace Hospital is also the home to a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to sport and exercise medicine.


The Princess Grace Hospital is the home to a number of specialist units and clinics that combine the expertise of renowned consultants with exceptional facilities and the latest technology. Our specialties range from acute care and critical care for serious illness to sports medicine and outpatient physiotherapy.

  • Orthopaedic surgery

    Need to know

    We offer a range of orthopaedic services, from outpatient assessment to complex surgery. Our world-leading surgeons treat a range of conditions, including sports injuries, joint replacement, spinal surgery, degenerative diseases, acute fractures and congenital disorders. We have the latest...

  • Gastroenterology

    Need to know

    Gastroenterology is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the stomach and intestines. Whether you need a routine test or complex cancer treatment, our multidisciplinary team of gastrointestinal consultants, radiologists, pathologists and oncologists will work together to...

  • Clinical oncology

    Need to know

    Clinical oncology uses radiotherapy and systemic therapy to treat and manage cancer, without surgery. Radiotherapy treats cancer using exact and carefully measured doses of radiation directed to the specific area of the body where the cancer is. Systemic therapy includes chemotherapy, hormone...

  • Medical oncology

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    Medical oncology is a branch of cancer care concerned with the treatment and management of cancer using anti-cancer medication and drug therapies. From our dedicated chemotherapy suites to the latest immunotherapy and hormone treatments, we have the facilities and expertise to offer medical care for...

  • Sports and exercise medicine

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    Sports and exercise medicine (SEM) is a rapidly expanding specialty. We invest in the latest technology and draw on new research to offer the most up-to-date diagnostics, treatments and rehabilitation plans in this area. Our involvement with the Institute of Sports, Exercise and Health means that we...

Helpful information

No matter if you have a one-off consultation or surgery planned, we want you to feel at home from the moment you arrive.

Our technology

The da Vinci© Surgical System

The da Vinci© Surgical System is a precise computer-enhanced surgical robot designed to mimic your operating surgeon’s hand and wrist movements.

MAKO robotic-arm assisted surgery

We were the first private hospital in the UK to offer robotic orthopaedic procedures using the MAKOplasty robotic arm.

NanoKnife™ treatment

​NanoKnife™, also known as irreversible electroporation, offers a precise alternative to open surgery for difficult-to-reach tumours.

Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HOLEP)

HoLEP is a specialised form of prostate surgery that uses a precise laser to remove excess tissue.

How we work with doctors

We're honoured to work with such exceptional doctors. We do whatever we can to support them so they can support you. 

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The Princess Grace Hospital

Date : 23 March 2017

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