Pathology reporting

Our fast, high quality service uses up-to-date technology to deliver a seamless customer experience. We have been working with more than 100 NHS Hospitals since 2005, and are reporting over 100,000 cases annually. So you are in good hands

With slides typically reported within four working days, results from our 80+ expert Consultant pathologists are loaded onto our secure online portal for your immediate viewing. We can accept any number of cases, and urgent cases can be prioritised.

We can also offer you a seamless end-to-end wet lab service from specimen cut-up, processing and slide staining through to secure online reporting. 

Our process

Onsite support

As part of our complete end-to-end service, we can provide on-site cut-up, MDT attendance and other services delivered by highly skilled pathologists. We offer a long-term alternative to agency locums with distinct advantages. Backlogs can help strengthen your team, just where you need us.

Digital pathology

We continue to invest in our services and develop our systems. We are currently trialing digital pathology, allowing you to access specialist expertise even faster. This will remove the need to transport slides, make second opinions quicker and easier, and further reduce turnaround times to help you meet your targets.

Disaster recovery

Our extensive cellular pathology laboratory, together with our large, geographically dispersed pathologist network, makes us a perfect partner for your business contingency plans to help maintain continuity in the face of local disruption. Sign up with us in under 24 hours and, once registered, you can pick up our services at any time.

Molecular diagnostics

Our partner organisation, Sarah Cannon Molecular Diagnostics, offers a number of tests to help you understand which targeted therapies would be most effective for your patients, helping avoid treatments that won’t work. These tests can also direct your patients to clinical trials and other special access programmes, thus providing additional options if standard therapies are not suitable. Visit the Sarah Cannon Molecular Diagnostics website for more information.
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