Occupational therapy for adults

Personalised treatment plans for a wide range of conditions

Our occupational therapists will work with you and your family to help you gain maximum independence and quality of life


Illness, injury or ageing can have a significant impact on your physical abilities and psychological well being. Our occupational therapists can help you to develop, maintain or regain the ability to do the things you need and want to do. We provide support for adults and children with a range of conditions.

Need to know

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    Treatment will depend on whether you have a long-term condition or disability, or if you're recovering from an injury or surgery.

    Following a comprehensive assessment of your abilities, lifestyle and goals, your therapist will create a personalised treatment plan to help you develop and maintain independence and do the things you want to do.

    Our therapists are skilled at finding ways to help make everyday tasks easier. They can also help you to achieve those goals, hobbies or activities you thought might not be possible. Your therapist may also suggest specialised equipment or adaptations to your home or workplace that can help.

  • How to prepare icon plus

    There's no special preparation needed for your assessment. Your occupational therapist will talk to you about your needs and identify any tasks or activities that are challenging because of your health.

    They'll help you to find ways of overcoming barriers to your normal routine or goals, so you can better manage your condition and get the most out of life.

  • Afterwards icon plus

    Your occupational therapist will let you know if any follow-up treatment or assessments are needed.

    If you've agreed an ongoing treatment plan, they'll work with you to arrange a convenient time for your follow-up appointments. They may also refer you to community teams to support your ongoing therapy and care.

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Our consultants

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Our facilities

From complex surgery to straightforward procedures, we provide exceptional care across our network of hospitals, outpatient centres and specialist clinics. 

  • London Bridge Hospital Facility

    London Bridge Hospital

    27 Tooley Street


    SE1 2PR

    Enquiries 020 7407 3100
    Appointments 020 7234 2009
    Imaging Appointments 020 7234 2773

  • The Portland Hospital Facility

    The Portland Hospital

    205 - 209 Great Portland Street


    W1W 5AH

    Children's enquiries 020 3797 3580
    Maternity enquiries 020 3468 6141
    Gynaecology enquiries 020 3797 3846

  • The Princess Grace Hospital Facility

    The Princess Grace Hospital

    42-52 Nottingham Place


    W1U 5NY

    Enquiries 020 7486 1234
    Appointments 020 7908 8001

  • The Wellington Hospital Facility

    The Wellington Hospital

    Wellington Place


    NW8 9LE

    Appointments 020 7483 5148
    Enquiries 020 3553 1516

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