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At HCA UK we understand the importance of your child receiving the compassionate care and kindness they deserve, at what can be a difficult time for them and you as a family.


This is why we offer the perfect balance between delivering high-quality healthcare and investing heavily in groundbreaking medical trials and technology. We also ensure that your child has the benefit of a wide range of fun and rewarding activities, led by our trained health play specialists.


All children staying at our main paediatric sites are given their own private room, with a TV and en-suite facilities, and they have access to a playroom full of interactive computers, books and toys. 

childrens spiderman

Spending time with superheroes

Most of the children who visit HCA UK do so because they're sick. But we don't see this as a reason for them not to have fun and explore their imagination.  


While the children we treat are the real superheroes, they’re occasionally visited by the likes of Batman and Spiderman, who will often pop in to say ‘hello’. They've even been known to clean the hospital windows. Seeing the smile this puts on our young patients' faces gives great joy to our paediatric staff, with one or two even giving the thumbs up to the superheroes' window cleaning skills. 

Pet and music therapy

We believe providing a positive HCA UK experience for our younger patients involves many different factors. The use of pet and music therapy has proved incredibly helpful in supporting the young children staying with us, both during treatment and rehabilitation.

The power of music and our natural bond with animals is undoubtable. Even so, after going through a difficult time with an illness, seeing many children's confidence levels grow through engaging with our music therapists, and the different pets brought into our paediatric sites by specialist handlers, is a truly rewarding experience. 

Pet therapy

Specialists at play

HCA UK’s play specialists work hard to gain the trust of all children staying with us as patients. They are highly trained to understand behavioural patterns, and fully understand the anxiety your child may feel about their procedure and being away from their family environment.


Our play specialists work hard to build your child's confidence, encouraging them to communicate their feelings. This is achieved in a number of ways, from our dedicated adolescent unit to engaging in fun activities with younger children.

Childrens education

Educational support

Whilst your child is staying with us, we also ensure they don’t miss out on their education.

We’ve partnered with Chelsea Community Hospital School, who work closely with our clinical staff to provide children of all ages and nationalities with access to a broad academic curriculum. This is taught by education specialists who have experience in teaching children with health problems and/or learning difficulties.

Importantly, when it’s time for them to leave HCA UK, we also assist with their re-integration back into school.

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