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We are now re-open for health screening services

To maximise safety and convenience for patients, we have made reAssure I-IV health screens available either in-person or via video consultation with remote blood testing kits and other observation kits being sent to patients at home.

If you choose to come to a clinic, our bookings team will take you through a Coronavirus screening questionnaire and advise of measures taken to ensure safety when you travel to one of our clinics.

If you choose a remote health assessment, your tests will be confirmed and kits sent to you for completion in the post.

All digital aspects of your health screen can be accessed using the My HCA GP app (Apple / Android) or via our web portal in the usual way.

Our reAssure IV health screen

The reAssure IV health screen not only offers a detailed guide to your overall health, but also provides a genetics and lifestyle coaching package. This can help you to manage the health risks that are most relevant to you.  After your comprehensive assessment, which includes one hour and 30 minutes with one of our experienced GPs, we'll provide a tailored information pack with your results. These results will help us to guide you in developing a personal health action plan.

Need to know

  • What happens icon plus

    This health screen is suitable for adults of all ages, but is especially useful for people over 40 who are looking to make proactive and well-informed changes to their lifestyle.

    Before your appointment, you'll be asked to complete a detailed medical history and lifestyle questionnaire. You'll also complete an online assessment, answering questions related to your sleeping habits, diet and psychological wellbeing.

    One of our GPs will then take you through a physical assessment and consultation. This will include your height and weight measurement for a BMI calculation, as well as a hearing, lung function, heart rate and blood pressure test. You will also have a complete clinical mole check to identify any new or unusual moles.

    A comprehensive blood screening will look into any risk factors for common conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as certain cancers and autoimmune diseases.

    Men will have a testicular examination and PSA test, and women may also have additional tests including a mammogram if appropriate.

    Your reAssure IV screen will take a minimum of two hours and 30 minutes, of which 60 to 75 minutes will be spent with one of our experienced GPs. Afterwards you will receive all test results and a personalised roadmap, report and health action plan, which your GP will discuss with you.

  • What’s included in my health screen icon plus

    This health screen includes 45 tests and a full physical examination. Your reAssure IV health screen also includes a genetic health and lifestyle modification package. This allows you to choose from one of the following tests below and also have a four-session-tailored-lifestyle coaching programme after your health screen at no additional charge:

    • DNAfit test (genetic fitness marker score) 
    • color genomics hereditary cancer test (oncogene), providing information on your hereditary risk for seven of the most common cancers: breast, ovarian, uterine, bowel (colorectal), pancreatic, stomach, prostate and skin cancer (melanoma)

    You will also have a four-session tailored coaching programme, based on your unique results.

    Additional core tests include:

    • height and weight measurement
    • body mass index (BMI) calculation
    • waist to hip ratio
    • body fat percentage and tissue hydration
    • blood pressure and pulse rate
    • cardiovascular risk score (Q risk)
    • diabetes risk score
    • hearing test
    • basic metabolic rate (BMR)
    • complete clinical mole check 
    • full haematological and ESR test (including blood profile and tissue inflammation test, which can be a marker for certain cancers and autoimmune diseases)
    • vitamin D
    • serum glucose (blood sugar)
    • renal (kidney) function
    • bone minerals
    • gout
    • protein levels and liver function
    • cholesterol (including fractions and ratios of cholesterol types)
    • thyroid function (TSH)
    • serum iron
    • urinalysis
    • HbA1C (diabetes test)
    • detailed lung function, including flow volume loop
    • resting ECG (electrocardiogram)
    • cardiac exercise stress test with blood pressure monitor
    • core stability assessment (spinal mouse spine curvature)
    • Cantab test (cognitive function test, performed at patients discretion)
    • blood cancer test, faecal occult blood (for people over 50)
    • testicular examination (for men)
    • prostate cancer blood test, PSA (for men over 45)
  • Additional tests for women icon plus

    Women may elect to have some or all of the following assessments:


    • pelvic examination
    • cervical smear test (thin prep) - incurs extra charge for My HCA GP subscribers
    • HPV test - incurs extra charge for My HCA GP subscribers
    • rubella antibodies blood test (for women of reproductive age)
    • breast examination
    • digital mammography (only if clinically appropriate — involves an extra charge)

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