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Why should my company undertake a health assessment programme?

Supporting your employees with a company health screen is key to supporting their health and wellbeing as well as boosting workplace productivity and maintaining peak business performance.

Led by our expert GPs and using the latest medical technology, our corporate health assessments give you a snapshot overall health of your company, whilst providing your employees with medically validated guidance to help minimise their health risks and improve wellbeing.

Your health screening programme can be tailored to your organisational needs – with solutions available for the whole of workforce, or bespoke solutions for smaller and more specialised employee populations.

Health screening from home

At-home screening

We provide leading, doctor delivered health screens for your employees whilst they work from home. Testing kits including a finger prick blood test kit will be sent in the post , followed by a video health screening consultation with one of our leading doctors

In clinic screening

In-clinic screening

Your employees can come to our clinics for health screening appointments with an experienced GP. Each levels includes tests and a full physical examination. Blood tests will include more testing parameters in clinic, with bone mineral, gout, and vitamin levels included. In clinic screening also includes a pelvic examination with HPV and cervical screening as part of the physical exam for women.

Our reAssure health screens

Our reAssure health screens focus on true prevention for key health indicators, including cardiovascular disease and cancer, as well as men’s and women’s health. We build tailored solutions for companies which range from simple health assessments to advanced screening tests including genetic health and pioneering diagnostic imaging.

Your reAssure options

reAssure I

This is our core health screen, offering a GP-led assessment of key health indicators. It includes 33 tests and a full physical examination to help your employees manage their health. Suitable for adults of all ages, especially those under 40.

reAssure II

This is a more extensive GP-led screen, offering a comprehensive series of tests across key health indicators, such as cardiovascular health and diabetes. It includes 39 tests and a full physical examination. Suitable for adults of all ages, especially those over 40.

reAssure III

This screen offers a comprehensive range of tests to fully assess your current health and consider hereditary risks. It includes 43 tests and a full physical examination, plus extra time with a GP to discuss any health concerns. Suitable for adults of all ages, especially those over 40.

reAssure IV

The most comprehensive screen in the reAssure range is offering a personalised guide, along with a genetics profile. It's designed to help your employees manage the health risks most relevant to them. It includes 45 tests, a full physical examination, and 30-minute lifestyle coaching sessions with the relevant specialist. Suitable for adults of all ages, especially those over 40.
GP looking into patient's ear

Elite screen

The Elite screen is our most advanced health assessment, combining comprehensive diagnostic tests with a personal senior doctor service.

The Elite screen includes genetic testing options, diagnostic imaging, a full range of blood and pathology testing, and your own dedicated personal doctor. Elite screening members can also access a GP throughout the year – via video consultation, in clinic, or at an HCA Urgent Care Centre.

Urgent Care Centre consultations are also available for dependants. Please note that the Elite screen is only available in-person, and cannot be delivered via video consultation.

 For more information, call 0345 437 0691 option 2.
Elite Health Screening

Advanced screening

We offer a number of advanced screening tests, including genetic tests and a number of diagnostic imaging screens. 

Get in touch to discuss how we can work with your business

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Why work with us?

We build long-term, lasting relationships with our clients. This means we’ll truly take your needs into account, from both a healthcare and a budgetary perspective when working with you. We have over 30 years of experience in the corporate healthcare market, and are committed to working with honesty and integrity with our clients. Our health screening products are market leading, and can also be fully integrated with our comprehensive range of primary care services, which also includes private GP, occupational health, mental health, physiotherapy, dietician and nutritional services, corporate wellbeing, and urgent care services.
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