January 10, 2021

Providing care to patients in need

Following the rise in Covid-19 cases and the increasing pressure on our NHS partners, HCA UK is supporting 11 local Trusts to provide care to NHS patients where it is most urgently needed - primarily with complex cancer and cardiac surgeries.

We are continuing to talk to our NHS Trust partners to see how our support can be expanded to care for more NHS patients.

Our priority is ensuring that as many patients that need urgent care can access it. In order to do this, consultants are working with patients to consider the balance of risk of going ahead with treatment or whether their treatment could continue after the current pandemic peak.

For those patients who require urgent medical care, travelling for medical reasons is permitted in the national lockdown. We are also providing phone and video consultations to patient to help reduce contact and the need to travel.

For those patients that that need to visit us in person, we have a series of measures in place to ensure we have the safest environments for care.
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