October 09, 2019

HCA UK partners with Circle Harmony to provide oncology expertise in China

HCA Healthcare UK is partnering with Circle Harmony to provide international patients, based in China, access to oncology expertise and treatment by HCA UK.

Reflecting how advances in technology are creating new ways to provide access to care and expertise in the international market, the partnership will enable Circle Harmony patients to have virtual consultations, and have their case reviewed by HCA UK consultants via virtual multidisciplinary team meetings.

The partnership also extends to provision of treatment in the UK and access to medicines that are not available in country, thus enabling Circle Harmony and HCA UK to offer patients access to full care pathways that they may not have otherwise had access to.

Around 500,000 Chinese patients travelled overseas for treatment 2018, with 100,000 travelling outside of Asia.

HCA Healthcare UK’s Group Commercial Director Andrew Coombs, said: "We have seen an increasingly diversified international patient base over the past five years and this, combined with advances in technology, creates new opportunities for growth and partnership globally.

"By working with Circle Harmony we are bringing together leading doctors in the UK and China to provide patients with the best possible medical care and expertise. Through virtual MDT’s and consultations patients will be able to access these expertise  without boarding a plane, and for those who need treatment in the UK, we are able to provide a seamless patient pathway into our network of hospitals in London and Manchester."

CEO of Circle Harmony Mr Hua Bai, said: "Harmony Signing of the contract paved the way for Circle Harmony and HCA to join hands in building an international health service network that provides the best clinical resources and consultants from both countries.

"Especially in oncology and more complicated cases, Circle Harmony strives to offer customers with integrated total care by using innovative technologies and collaborating with academic leaders, specialists and medical institution partners."

HCA UK is able offer access to leading consultants that also work with world-renowned teaching hospitals, an established network of private hospitals and facilities and access to innovative treatment, such as CAR-T cell therapy. HCA Healthcare UK also has a clinical trials facility in Sarah Cannon Research Institute UK, offering patients access to cutting-edge cancer therapies at the earliest opportunity.
HCA UK partners with Circle Harmony to provide oncology expertise in China
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