October 11, 2018

HCA Healthcare UK and Bupa to launch new Specialist Centres for Breast Cancer

Leading health insurer Bupa and independent hospital provider, HCA Healthcare UK are partnering to launch Specialist Centres for breast cancer, which will give patients fast access to care. A first for a UK health insurer and hospital provider, this initiative will launch from January 2019 in London and Manchester. 


The Specialist Centres will provide Bupa patients  with market leading speed of access to HCA UK’s comprehensive diagnostics, and if needed, treatment. It will also help ensure the customer journey is as smooth as possible.


Patients will be able to see a HCA UK consultant within two working days of contacting Bupa, with all initial diagnostic tests completed in one appointment. For most patients this will provide peace of mind on the same day. If treatment is needed, it will be provided within 31 days of calling Bupa– less than half the time set out in national targets. 


Patients using the Specialist Centres will have their treatment planned by an expert multi-disciplinary team, who will provide a personalised treatment plan  including access to genetic testing and advanced genomics. Patients will have support from Bupa’s Oncology Specialist Support Team and HCA Healthcare UK’s Clinical Nurse Specialists, and psychological support services for themselves and their family, before during and after treatment.


Research shows that more than 90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer at the earliest stage survive their disease for at least 5 years, compared to around 15% for women diagnosed with the most advanced stage of disease.


Alex Perry, CEO, Bupa Insurance UK, said: “We are aiming to provide the best cancer treatment in the UK. Around 11,000 of our customers are impacted by breast cancer each year and when it comes to cancer diagnosis and treatment, every day counts. Early cancer detection can have a significant impact on someone’s chance of survival, and reduce their need for complex and invasive treatment. Waiting to find out whether symptoms are cancerous is very stressful, we want our customers to get the all-clear or a diagnosis and access to treatment as soon as possible. We’re launching these Specialist Centres with HCA Healthcare UK so our customers can have even faster access to acclaimed clinical experts and the best independent hospitals from diagnosis through to treatment.”

 “We’re working in partnership with HCA Healthcare UK and their Specialist Centres so our customers can have even faster access to acclaimed clinical experts and the best independent hospitals from diagnosis through to treatment.”


Mike Neeb, President and CEO, HCA Healthcare UK said: “We are proud to be working in partnership with Bupa to give patients quick access to the expertise and comprehensive pathways available at HCA Healthcare UK.   “Our shared aim is ensuring that we provide patients with the highest quality care and experience possible, and through this first-in-kind initiative patients will be able to get answers on their cancer symptoms without delay or the need for multiple pre-authorisations. “For patients that need treatment they will have immediate access to a specialist cancer care led by our multidisciplinary teams of consultants from some of the UK's largest teaching hospitals. This provides the combined expertise, experience and understanding of a whole team of clinicians in specialist and sub specialist areas of cancer treatment.”


Key features of the Specialist Centres for Breast Cancer include:

  • One appointment for all initial diagnostics under one roof within two working days, giving customers peace of mind or fast access to appropriate treatment sooner.
  • Access to the best independent hospitals* with the latest equipment to accurately diagnose symptoms and get you on the right treatment path.
  • Emotional and wellbeing support from a team including psychologists, counsellors and nurses.

Patients can also receive on-going support from Bupa’s cancer nurses and advisers who develop individual action plans, including lifestyle advice to support secondary prevention and staying healthy. 


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Notes to Editors

* hospitals must meet a Care Quality Commission rating of "good" or "outstanding"

The Specialist Centres for Breast Cancer:


For more information on the Specialist Cancer Centres, or request for interviews please contact; 

Bupa:  020 7833 7021 or email

HCA UK: 07886 973 894 or email  


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