April 14, 2014

25,000 patients and counting!

The @@Urgent Care Centre@@ at The Princess Grace Hospital is proud to have treated more than 25,000 patients, underlining its position as the most established private emergency care service in London.

Patients have visited us at the Urgent Care Centre for all manner of ailments, ranging from replacement of a wound dressing to complex acute illnesses requiring immediate surgery. Visitors to the Centre also have the advantage of being able to access treatment from top consultants across a wide range of specialties throughout the HCA group.

One of our patients explains why they are glad they visited the Centre:

‘I was packing for my summer holidays when I slipped and twisted my ankle on the stairs at home. The swelling made me panic that it was broken and I thought this may mean cancelling my flight. Being a Sunday I couldn’t see my GP so I went to the UCC.

The doctor reassured me that she felt it wasn’t broken and this was confirmed by a normal x-ray, and I was in and out in less an hour. It was nasty sprain but nothing that would stop me travelling. I was given lots of sensible advice and a follow-up appointment with a sports medicine doctor for when I returned to help get my ankle back to normal. The UCC saved my holiday!’

The Urgent Care Centre sees patients over the age of 16 and is run by a team of specialist emergency nurses and doctors on a day to day basis, overseen by Specialist Emergency Consultants. Common conditions that we treat include:

Fractures, sprains and strains

Wounds, burns, cuts and grazes

Sports injuries

Ear, nose and throat conditions

Respiration and cardiac problems

Stomach, bowel and bladder problems

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