Work and healthcare services have evolved greatly as a result of COVID-19. As we collectively shift towards new ways of working, it is essential healthcare providers support and help navigate companies and their employees with these changes.

Using our 30 years of corporate occupational health experience, we will work closely with you to develop the most suitable return to the office strategy for your company, providing the full range of health and wellbeing services to benefit your employees.

COVID-19 consultancy and testing

During this uncertain time, it is important to keep the safety of your employees at the forefront, which we know is a challenge for all businesses. Using our highly experienced occupational health physicians and HCA clinical subject matter experts, we will work with you to design a solution which is fit for purpose and meets the needs of your organisation.

Following best practice and medical expertise; as well as our experience running complex occupational health programmes in the acute health sector throughout the pandemic; we can help you put the right measures in place.

At HCA UK we offer

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Expert COVID-19 health consultancy

We appreciate the constant changing guidance around COVID-19 can be difficult to implement for your business and therefore we provide expert clinical consultancy to design a tailored return to workplace strategy. This session will review the latest guidance, best practice and services to make your workplace safe and support employee wellbeing through these next steps.

Primary Care Covid testing HCA UK

COVID-19 testing programme

We provide robust COVID testing programmes to mitigate the risk of rising infections and to provide peace of mind for your employees. Our programmes are designed around your return to office strategy and include Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) with home test kits for employees and PCR tests.

COVID-19 wellbeing services

Our wellbeing programmes have been created to support employee engagement and health, whilst also supporting leadership to adjust working practices appropriately. They include:
  • On demand resources written by our experts
  • Wellbeing webinars – focused around employee physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Vaccination specific webinars – mythbusting sessions providing the latest guidance and advice.
  • Panel events
  • Manager training

Long COVID Recovery

While most people who get COVID-19 make a full recovery in a few days to weeks and the majority recover by 12 weeks, 1 in 10 diagnosed with COVID-19 experience long COVID with symptoms greatly affecting an employee ability to work a normal office day as they previously have done.

Although, it is still far too early to understand the true impact of Long COVID, what is clear is that patients need, an accurate diagnosis and access to a range of supportive and rehabilitation services to guide their recovery and help them get their lives back on track.

Our post COVID recovery services help support companies and employees to reduce the impact of long COVID. The service offers:

  • Post-COVID GP-led health assessment,
  • Post-COVID exercise recovery center
  • Post-COVID heart and lung assessments
  • Post-COVID inpatient rehabilitation services


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