Sylvia's NanoKnife™ treatment

Sylvia patient story

When Sylvia was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, her doctors said the only option was surgery. The Princess Grace offered her an alternative.

Sylvia patient story

Sylvias NanoKnife treatment

The care, attention and efficiency lessened the worry of the operation considerably.
When Sylvia was told she needed an operation that could take up to ten hours with no guarantee of success, she thought there must be a better way. She looked online and read about a new technology called NanoKnife™, which is used to treat hard-to-reach tumours. The treatment involves killing cancer cells with an electric current — no heat, no cuts. Sylvia came to us because The Princess Grace Hospital is the only private hospital to offer this new technology. Our radiologist, Professor Edward Leen, finished Sylvia’s treatment in just 45 minutes. She was home the next day without any side effects — not even a headache. Since then, she’s been treated with chemotherapy. Now, 87-year-old Sylvia says she has the freedom to do everything she wants to. And her health is still exceeding doctors’ expectations.
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