Ian's neurological rehabilitation

Ian patient story

After a bike accident, Ian was left with an acute spinal cord injury. Ongoing therapy using advanced rehabilitation technology is helping him recover.

Ian patient story

Ians neurological rehabilitation

My recovery is totally down to the therapists and staff at The Wellington and the amazing equipment they have there.


When Ian came off his bike in a serious accident, he was left with an acute spinal cord injury. He had surgery and was treated at a spinal care unit. But Ian, a dad of two, was still in a bad way. He had no use of his hands, was almost completely paralysed from the chest down, and had to use a wheelchair to get around. Eventually, his doctors referred him to one of our hospitals, The Wellington. In The Wellington Hospital’s Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit, we have access to some of the world’s most advanced rehabilitation technology. We treated Ian using the Lokomat, a robot-assisted walking device, and an exercise device called the Armeo. Ian now never uses a wheelchair, walks with crutches and drives a specially adapted car. He has the use of his left hand again. And his right hand is improving with ongoing therapy. Ask Ian what he puts his recovery down to, and he’ll say it’s thanks to his therapist and the amazing equipment at The Wellington.
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Ian's support team

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Dr Richard Greenwood

Consultant Neurologist


The Wellington Hospital Facility

Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit

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