Georgiana's positive birthing story

Georgiana and Celine The Portland Hospital

‘I did a very comprehensive birth plan and The Portland Hospital respected that to the end.’

Georgiana gave birth to a healthy baby girl Céline on 9th January 2022 at The Portland Hospital. Here, she shares her positive birthing experience at the hospital and talks through how the team put her and her partner at ease throughout. 

As soon as Georgiana realised she was expecting a baby, she turned to her friends to ask them about their own experiences of maternity care.  

‘Two of my friends had their babies at The Portland Hospital,’ she explains. ‘The moment I found out I was pregnant, I asked one of them about The Portland. They said they had an amazing experience and advised me to contact Dr Alison Wright.’

‘From the moment I had my first appointment to my six-week postnatal check-up, Dr Wright was amazing. She was very professional, and she took her time to listen to my choices. She was really kind, and very helpful and supportive.’

Georgiana’s positive birthing story The Portland Hospital

Reassured and supported through every step of the way

As a first-time mum, Georgiana was apprehensive about the delivery of her baby. ‘Initially, I thought that it would be better if I were to have a C-section rather than a natural birth because I was very anxious,’ she says. ‘I wasn’t sure if I could deliver a baby naturally because of my petite body size.’ 

‘Dr Wright said whichever option I choose, C-section or natural birth, she would be supportive of either of them. She gave me a lot of information about both. I did some research and I decided to have a natural birth, and I’m really happy that I decided that.’

Georgiana prepared for the delivery of her baby by researching hypnobirthing techniques online. ‘I chose to have a natural birth in water and the staff at The Portland Hospital really supported me with my decision,’ she says. ‘I did a very comprehensive birth plan and they respected that to the end.’

‘When it’s your first baby, you don’t know what to expect and you need a hospital where the staff are totally ready to support you and make you feel comfortable. When I arrived at The Portland, the staff were very welcoming. It felt like a family, with a relaxed, calm ambience. You don’t feel like they are rushed at all. They pay attention to everything you need at that moment.’ 


Guiding Georgiana through first-time labour

‘While I was in labour in the water, one of the nurses helped me to regain my focus with the hypnobirthing breathing techniques. She also helped my partner, Julien, in terms of guiding him in how he could support me.’

Georgiana’s daughter, Céline, was delivered naturally on 9th January 2022, weighing 3.55kg.

‘I received a lot of support from the nurses with how to feed and bath the baby,’ she says. ‘All this information is very precious for a new mum.’

‘They really take care of you at The Portland Hospital. You are not just a number, you are special, and they listen to your requests and your preferences. Birthing my baby at The Portland Hospital I will remember it as such a positive experience. I feel so proud of myself for giving birth with no pain relief but I could not have succeeded without the amazing care from The Portland Hospital team.

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