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The Wellington Hospital Rehabilitation Centre - Post COVID Rehabilitation

The Wellington North, Circus Road

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Making post COVID-19 rehabilitation possible

Returning home after being in hospital with COVID-19 can be an incredibly anxious time for both you and your family which is why we have developed a bespoke COVID-19 rehabilitation programme. Our programme is designed to make the transition from hospital to home life as smooth as possible, getting you back to home, work and family life again. Moving from a fully supported hospital environment to your home armed with lists of medication and post-ITU instructions can be overwhelming. Small daily tasks like making a phone call or climbing the stairs can become a huge challenge that tests your confidence and may make you feel vulnerable. 

Who would benefit from our post COVID-19 programme?

Please note that this programme is NOT for those who have recently tested positive for COVID-19 or who are currently showing symptoms.

Patients who needed intensive care for more than a few days often have wider physical, cognitive and mental health needs following discharge from hospital. Some of these wider issues experienced by patients include:
• Cardiovascular and musculoskeletal deconditioning
• Pulmonary embolism (PE)
• Depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder

As COVID-19 is a multi-system disease, we see more subtle problems in patients who were less severely affected and who managed their symptoms at home but are now having ongoing problems with:
• Pain and discomfort in your muscles
• Feeling imbalance
• Mobility problems such as difficulty walking
• Chronic fatigue


Understanding your goals
No two recoveries from COVID-19 are the same. Our personalised therapy programme is aimed at understanding your symptoms and improving exercise tolerance, strength, balance and confidence in order to help you fully recover. Our programme is guided by a Consultant Physician and supported by our medical, nursing and therapy teams to ensure that any remaining symptoms are managed appropriately. Our team provide education and advice for you and your family, linking in with community services to ensure the improvements and goals you achieve with us can be maintained when you go home. We can also provide outpatient rehabilitation programmes for patients who many not need inpatient care.

Post COVID-19 rehabilitation package


• Detailed assessment with your Consultant Physician  • Up to 20 hours of therapy per week, with 24/7 nursing and medical care*
• Access to the full multidisciplinary clinical team including Clinical Psychologists  • Access to our complete range of assistive technologies in bespoke rehabilitation gyms
 • Access to our hydrotherapy pool   • Private en-suite inpatient bedrooms
 • Follow up consultations with your Consultant Physician   

Programme cost
Some patients may require less than 4 weeks inpatient care and some patients may require more time with us, therefore for full information on our programme cost, please contact our team directly.

Private medical insurance
If you have private medical insurance you may wish to check whether your insurer will fund your treatment. Our team can explain in detail what is included in your package and what we will do if circumstances change during your admission that may require additional funding. We will ensure you are fully informed of costs at all times. 

*Admitting Consultant included and additional consultants billed separately.

Transitioning from intensive care

We know that very early intervention is key. Our specialist rehabilitation teams will work closely with your NHS critical care team to manage your transition from intensive care and high dependency care, into our rehabilitation centre at The Wellington Hospital. The multidisciplinary skills within our team is the foundation of our successful rehabilitation programme and fundamental to your recovery from COVID-19. Our team has a deep knowledge of the many aspects of post COVID rehabilitation including cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, sports and exercise medicine, neurorehabilitation and neurological disability.

We can help long-term, complex intensive care needs such as patients who have had a tracheotomy with specialist ventilator requirements. Our holistic approach to recovery means patients recovering from COVID transition from intensive care into a ward environment in a safe and seamless way, ready to start their rehabilitation programme with us.

An unrivalled team of experts

Your care will include 4 core aspects of rehabilitation:
1. Cognitive function
2. Physical function
3. Nutrition
4. Swallow and Communication

Team members who may be involved in your care include:
• Consultant physicians
• Rehabilitation nurses
• Clinical psychologists
• Speech therapists who are specialists in: Tracheostomy, Dysphagia & Voice
• Occupational therapists
• Sleep specialists
• Rehabilitation physiotherapists
• Cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation specialists
• Clinical specialists in pain management
• Dietitians
• Renal specialists
• Vestibular physiotherapists
• UK & International relations team


Quality you can depend on for rehabilitation
In April 2017, our Acute Rehabilitation Centre was awarded the Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). CARF is an internationally recognised, independent body that evaluated standards in global rehabilitation care. This accreditation is the highest level awarded to an organisation and demonstrates our commitment to uncompromised rehabilitative care. 

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