ICU at The Princess Grace Hospital: Specialised care for the critically ill

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About our intensive care unit

Our intensive care unit at The Princess Grace Hospital is dedicated to treating and monitoring patients who are very ill or have just had major surgery. The nine-bed unit has a specially trained healthcare team and sophisticated monitoring equipment to provide comprehensive care to patients.

Led by two dedicated and experienced critical care consultants, the medical team is made up of six additional consultants and a rota of resident senior critical care fellows, all providing 24-hour cover. A team of specialist intensive care nurses provide one-to-one patient care and are supported by a multi-disciplinary team delivering complex and effective medical interventions.


The Princess Grace Hospital intensive care unit has expertise in advanced cardio-respiratory and kidney management.

  • Intensive care medicine

    Need to know

    No matter how ill you become, when you're one of our patients, you won't have to be transferred to another hospital. With level 2 (HDU) and level 3 (ICU) critical care units in all our main hospitals, we can take care of you even in the most challenging situations. In fact, one in nine of our beds are...

  • Cardiac care

    Need to know

    Cardiac care services at HCA Healthcare UK cover general cardiology, heart rhythm disorders, interventional cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery and diagnostic testing for cardiac conditions.

  • Nephrology

    Need to know

    Nephrology, also known as renal medicine, is a medical specialty dedicated to supporting patients with renal (kidney) impairment or failure. When your kidneys aren't functioning correctly, your body accumulates the waste toxins that would normally be excreted in your urine.  We have the facilities...

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