The Portland Hospital would like to welcome anyone who is either wishing to start a family, or already pregnant, to hear a talk on how Acupuncture can assist in Preconception and Pregnancy Care.

Around 1 in 7 couples may have difficulty conceiving and fertility problems have become a major presenting condition in gynaecological clinics. 

Find out why Acupuncture is fast becoming a popular choice for couples wishing to have treatment in preparation for conception. Understand how Chinese Medicine can address hormonal imbalances, improve both egg and sperm quality, and manage stress and anxiety.

During Pregnancy, learn how Acupuncture can support the first 12 weeks; how it can help to prevent miscarriage and alleviate some uncomfortable early pregnancy symptoms.  Be inspired by how Acupuncture can be used to turn breech babies and wonder at the possibility of a natural induction with Acupuncture should your baby go beyond term dates.

Carys has 21 years of experience as a Pregnancy and Fertility Acupuncturist. Allow her to open your mind as to why Acupuncture is as a safe, drug free option in Preconception and Pregnancy Care and how it can be used in a supportive role alongside Western Medicine.

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