Our Centres and Teams


The Portland Hospital is home to a number of dedicated, multidisciplinary teams working across our different units and services, from leading consultants to clinical nurses and support staff. 

Our paediatric unit offers highly-advanced medical technology and expert care for your child, from treatment for orthopaedic problems such as flat feet, curly toes and congenital hip problems, to complex emergency care in our paediatric and neonatal intensive care units.

The Portland's maternity unit combines world-class facilities with clinical expertise, ensuring a positive patient experience for all those visiting us. Mums-to-be can benefit from our different maternity packages, including antenatal, postnatal classes and Meet the Midwife sessions, helping you and your partner to develop your own birthing plan. Our women's health unit is at the forefront of delivering medical excellence across the whole spectrum of gynaecological services, with our team of leading specialists able to support you in a discrete, female-only environment.

For more information on our units and teams at The Portland Hospital, please follow the links below.

Our central services


The Portland Hospital’s world-class maternity facilities and expertise ensure that you and your baby are always in safe hands. 

Neonatal intensive care unit

Our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) supports babies who deliver from 28 weeks gestation onwards.

Early pregnancy service and breast care

Our early pregnancy service offers mums-to-be scans from 6 weeks. 

Women's health

At The Portland Hospital, we treat all gynaecological conditions, from the most common to the highly complex.

Our specialist units and centres

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