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The Harley Street Clinic Diagnostic Centre

We use the latest technology to identify your condition


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16 Devonshire Street


London W1G 7AF

Why choose us?

When you're referred to our diagnostic centre, your tests and screens are carried out using the latest technologies so you get the most accurate diagnosis. And you're looked after by exceptional consultants, radiographers and nurses throughout your time with us.

We share our site with three private GP practices (including the London General Practice) so in many cases, we can see you the same day as you're referred. Whenever possible, a consultant will discuss your results with you that day.

Our sophisticated imaging equipment produces clear, detailed images of your body. We offer high-definition CT scans, MRI scans, digital X-rays, mammography, external and endoscopic (internal) ultrasound.

We also have the full range of cardiac diagnostics. This includes the different types of echocardiography and ECG scans, stress testing and blood pressure monitoring.


We're dedicated to diagnosing many conditions so our centre encompasses different areas of medicine.

  • Clinical radiology

    Need to know

    Clinical radiology is a specialty that uses medical imaging to diagnose and, sometimes, treat diseases seen within the body. Our clinical radiologists are qualified medical...

  • Cardiology

    Need to know

    With us, you're in good hands. Our cardiology consultants have an international reputation for carrying out pioneering diagnostic tests and treatments, including cardiac imaging, pacemaker and defibrillator services and coronary angioplasty. Our cardiology centres at London Bridge Hospital, The...

  • General (internal) medicine

    Need to know

    Our multidisciplinary team of consultants is highly experienced in a wide range of general medical conditions, including diabetes, liver and pancreatic illnesses, digestive and respiratory conditions and vascular disorders. We're able to provide a fully supported approach to your care, whether...

How we work with doctors

Caring for patients is our first priority and we're proud that leading consultants choose to run their private practice from The Harley Street Clinic.

Our location

16 Devonshire Street


London W1G 7AF

You'll find us in Marylebone, Central London, just round the corner from the main site of The Harley Street Clinic.

Contact us

Any questions? Get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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