A team built to focus on you

We have an exceptionally strong hand-picked team of talented people. Prostate Centre consultants are not only experts in their own discipline; they have been invited to join the team because they are all trusted colleagues who share our commitment to putting the patient first. They all have their own successful and busy practices elsewhere, but have chosen also to be affiliated with The Prostate Centre because our innovative holistic approach is unique and exciting.

Our nursing and administrative staff, too, are chosen for their warm, friendly efficiency. The aim of everyone at The Prostate Centre is to inspire confidence and make you feel at home: whoever looks after you, we think you’ll find the experience reassuring.

Multidisciplinary team, expert-led care

The Prostate Centre team includes:

Mr Christian Brown (Urological Surgeon)

Mr Ben Challacombe (Urological Surgeon)

Professor Greg Shaw (Urological Surgeon)

Mr Rajesh Nair (Urological Surgeon)

Mr Uday Patel (Uroradiologist)

Professor Heather Payne (Clinical Oncologist)

Dr Katharine Pigott (Clinical Oncologist)

Dr Constantine Alifrangis (Medical Oncologist) 

Mrs Lorraine Grover (Psychosexual Nurse Specialist) 

The Prostate Centre team HCA UK

Taking care of you

We run weekly multidisciplinary team meetings, bringing some of the world’s most highly skilled professionals together to discuss the best possible care pathway for each cancer patient – always keeping each patient in the loop.

As a team we are constantly working towards reducing health risks, from pioneering new safety protocols to advising our patients on cardiovascular risk reduction through lifestyle changes – often resulting in a positive impact on their prostate problems.

Our team is committed to helping you prepare both physically and mentally for your operation. We’ll schedule a pre-operative anaesthetic fitness assessment and help you to work on a regime to address any problems.

Our consultants take a pro-active approach to common problems such as sexual dysfunction and incontinence. For radical prostatectomy patients we have a unique before-and-after programme designed to maximise your chances of sexual function recovery after surgery.

Dr Heather Payne, Oncologist

Meet Professor Heather Payne

Professor Payne is a Clinical Oncologist at The Prostate Centre and answers some questions about the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, the effect COVID-19 has had on treatment, and her work with patients at The Prostate Centre and The Harley Street Clinic

Helping make life easier

The atmosphere at The Prostate Centre is cheerful and supportive: something patients tell us is refreshing and a change from their usual experience. Partners and families are welcome to come to the Centre too* – they can relax, have a coffee and discuss things in our comfortable lounge - There is never any rush.

Additional services out team offer:

  • For patients and family members who live outside London, we can supply a list of hotels and apartments nearby which you may like to consider.
  • Some of our literature is available in Greek and Arabic, for the convenience of our visitors from those countries.
  • For patients who speak little or no English, we have employed the services of Language-Line, an over-the-phone interpretation service.

*Please check with the centre for our latest guidance during the COVID-19 restrictions.

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