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Ben Challacombe wins Karl Storz Harold Hopkins Golden Telescope award

Mr Ben Challacombe, a consultant urologist, was awarded the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) Karl Storz Harold Hopkins Golden Telescope award.

Read about Ben's prestigious national award

A podcast discussing the prostate 'Probing the Prostate' 


Urological surgeon, Ben Challacombe recently joined the podcast Health Fact vs Fiction to discuss problems with the prostate and prostate cancer. Listen to Ben's Probing the Prostate podcast


'Both sides of the scalpel' Stephen Fry shares his prostate story


Actor Stephen Fry joined forces with his ¬≠surgeon, Ben Challacombe, to produce and engaging article into the realities of robotic surgery for prostate cancer, with the aim of helping other men who are considering having their prostate removed. Stephen was interviewd by the Evening standard on the release of the article: Read 'How I dodged a bullet'


Their “both sides of the scalpel” article in a medical journal gives an extraordinary insight into the realities of treating prostate cancer, the most common cancer in UK men, killing 12,000 a year. The article was published by Nature Reviews in February 2019 and is available to read online 'Both sides of the scalpel'


Greg Shaw discusses how Robotics is changing healthcare

Like all everyday miracles of technology, the longer you watch a robot perform surgery on a human being, the more it begins to look like an inevitable natural wonder. Urologist Greg Shaw talks to the Guardian about how robotic technology is playing a positive role in prostate surgery.

Read the full article on robotic technology


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