Psychological support during treatment

Support managing the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis and treatment

About psychological support

From the time of diagnosis, during treatment and for those living with cancer, psychological support is an important aspect of each individuals wellbeing.

Psychological counselling

Our Specialist Psychologists see patients, carers, family members and couples who need support understanding thoughts and behaviours in relation to medical diagnoses and treatments. They can support people to manage low mood, stress, communication of news, coping with loss, changes in body image or the impact or traumatic events.


An introductory call will be provided by one of the Psychologists to understand your needs. Scheduled appointments are 60 minutes in length. Further details can be outlined in the introductory session. The option of virtual or face-to-face consultations are available.

Ways to pay

Most private medical insurers will fund psychological support during your cancer treatment and affordable self-pay rates are offered.

Contact us

Further information, referral and bookings:

0207 317 2628
This content is intended for general information only and does not replace the need for personal advice from a qualified health professional.
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