Our specialist oncology physiotherapist has the necessary skill set and knowledge to help people overcome the physical side effects of cancer or cancer treatment.

About physiotherapy

Physiotherapists cover all areas of the inpatient hospital to maximise patient recovery. They provide respiratory care in critical care and support rehabilitation, mobilisation and function.
The outpatient physiotherapy service at 83 Harley Street is highly specialised to provide support during different phases of the cancer journey from diagnosis, through treatment, end of treatment and recovery. 
Appointments are available for a range of conditions including:
  • musculoskeletal problems (strength, joint, pain, mobility)
  • neck and shoulder dysfunction
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • scar tissue tightness
  • fatigue
  • weakness and deconditioning
  • women’s and men’s health and rehabilitation
  • exercise advice


Outpatient appointments are available at 83 Harley Street Monday to Friday. Virtual appointments can also be facilitated. Physiotherapist Led Virtual Exercise Classes run three times per week and are open to all patients past and present from any HCA UK treatment site.

Ways to pay

HCA Physiotherapy is recognised by all major private medical insurers. Affordable self-pay rates are available.

Fitness and exercise support for people with cancer

Our physiotherapist can support people during each of the different phases of their cancer journey from diagnosis, through treatment, end of treatment, survivorship and end of life.

Contact us

Further information, referral and bookings:

0207 317 2628
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