Nutrition during treatment

Experienced oncology dietitians help to ensure you maintain an optimal diet throughout your treatment.

About your diet during treatment

Dietitians are available across inpatient and outpatient treatment areas to assess and manage eating, drinking and nutritional concerns. Working to the latest evidence, our dietitians have in depth knowledge of a range of medical and surgical treatments and the methods to support nutritional status to optimise recovery. Our dietitians are highly skilled to manage tube feeds and intravenous nutrition (TPN) support as required.
Therapeutic diets can help to manage specific symptoms such as appetite changes, altered bowel habits, weight loss or gain, low electrolyte levels, high blood sugar levels, sore mouth or taste changes.
Post-treatment nutrition advice for wellbeing, strength, fitness and recovery is also available.

Specialist oncology dietitians

Best quality nutritional advice based on the latest research, types of treatment, symptoms experienced and the side effects.
Kelly Grainger

Oncology Nutritionist at LOC

Each of the dietitians working at the LOC have a minimum of five years’ worth of experience of working with cancer patients.

Our nutrition service

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    Consultations are available Monday to Friday. Initial sessions are 60 – 90 minutes and follow-up appointments are 30 - 45 minutes. 

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    The service runs weekdays Monday – Friday from 9am until 5pm 
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    Dietetic consultations are recognised by most private medical insurers as part of the cancer treatment. Pre-authorization is not necessary for you to be seen on the treatment suites or wards but will be required for 1:1 outpatient sessions. Affordable self-pay rates are available.

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