Complementary therapies

Our team of experienced complementary therapists offer aromatherapy, reflexology and massage.

About therapy treatments

Our Complementary therapy Team are highly experienced at managing physical and emotional side-effects of illness. Treatments are designed to relieve stress, aid relaxation, reduce anxiety and manage specific symptoms and side-effects of treatment such as nausea, sleep difficulties, pain, skin changes, digestive disturbances and changes in energy levels.

We can also offer a variety of personalised products, such as creams and oil blends to take home to continue to support you between treatments.

What Complementary Therapy Treatments are available?

  • Aromatherapy icon plus

    is a complementary therapy that uses concentrated oils made from flowers, fruit, seeds, leaves, roots or bark. Your therapist will discuss the types of oils they can use directly with you.  The oils work by absorbing through the skin to sooth and refresh, and by stimulating the sense of smell to calm and offset nausea or anxiety.

  • Reflexology icon plus

    is a therapy based on the stimulation of different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears which correspond with different areas of the body. This can be tailored to manage factors affecting your well-being and can be delivered on the treatment suites to calm and ease side-effects. 

  • Guided hand reflexology icon plus

    works on the same principles of reflexology. A coloured hand chart and script can be provided and self-hand-reflexology techniques taught so they can be continued at home to provide calming and relaxation.
  • Indian head massage icon plus

    involves manipulation and gentle kneading of the soft tissues and muscles of the shoulders, upper arms, neck and head. Releasing tension can alleviate neck and shoulder discomfort and ease headaches. 
  • Massage therapy icon plus

    involves manipulation of soft tissues by kneading, tapping or applying pressure on areas of your body. This can lift mood, improve relaxation and sleep, reduce headaches and control pain.

  • Reiki icon plus

    is a practice of energy work used to rebalance the body, mind and spirit. Reiki can be given as a hands on treatment by placing the hands on or over the body in a sequence of positions with the aim of encouraging relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing. 

When are complementary therapies available at LOC?

Complementary therapists attend all of the treatment locations including the inpatient wards. Appointments are available Monday to Friday and can be requested for carers and family members if service capacity allows.  Treatments can be provided alongside medical treatments and need to be scheduled in advance.  

How much do complementary therapies cost?

All LOC patients are entitled to 4 free 30 minute sessions.

After this, further sessions can be booked at a price of £30 per session.

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