Mr Christopher Dunn

Consultant ENT Surgeon


Specialty Ear nose and throat surgery (ENT)

Special interests Paediatric ENT surgery including middle ear, mastoid and sinus surgery for children.

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    Christopher Dunn trained in London and the West Midlands and worked for two years at the Diana, Princess of Wales Childrens Hospital in Birmingham. He has extensive experience in children"s ENT conditions, including airway, congenital ear, and cochlear implant surgery to give a sensation of sound to profoundly deaf children.

    In his NHS practice at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Basildon, Essex, Christopher Dunn is the lead paediatric and adult otologist (ear specialist). He undertakes advanced middle ear surgery including mastoidectomy and stapes surgery. He is the regional lead surgeon for bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA) and leads a clinic for children with congenital deafness.

    There is a 2% risk of facial paralysis following middle ear surgery and this is always a concern to patients and their surgeon. Christopher Dunn prides himself on being meticulous and none of his 300 middle ear operations to date (late 2009) has resulted in facial paralysis. Christopher says "I am not a "Speedy Gonzales" but I feel my patients appreciate the thorough and meticulous approach."

    Christopher Dunn regularly performs endoscopic sinus surgery and uses 3D reconstruction software as a tool to plan the operations he performs. As an extension to his sinus surgery practice, he now offers the balloon sinuplasty procedure. He performs dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) without the use of stents which are potentially uncomfortable for the patient.

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    Paediatric ENT surgery including middle ear, mastoid and sinus surgery for children.

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