Dr Abbasi Chittalia

Consultant Clinical Oncologist


Specialties Clinical oncology

Special interests Breast cancer, lung cancer pain management

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    • 0161 446 8115


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    After completing his undergraduate and postgraduate training in India, Dr Abbas Chittalia migrated to the UK in 1999. He joined The Christie in 2001 and undertook his oncology training there from 2001 to 2006, when he was appointed as a consultant clinical oncologist. Dr CHittalia has specialised in the treatment of breast cancer and lung cancer, and is currently providing these services to patients from around the Cheshire area. He also provides palliative radiotherapy services for cancer related pain. His aim is to ensure all of his patients receive the highest standard of care in a most efficient and timely manner.

    Dr Chittalia is a member of the disease orientated groups for both breast cancer and lung cancer at The Christie and attends regular national and international meetings to stay informed on all developments in cancer care.

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    Breast cancer, lung cancer pain management

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