Dr Matthew Barnard

Transparency under the CMA Order 2014


All private healthcare operators are required under the Competition and Markets Authority Order 2014 (“The CMA Order”) to be transparent about the relationship between their doctor and the private healthcare operator. Therefore, prospective patients should be aware that (in addition to being permitted to consult with and to treat patients at our facilities) this doctor also has an advisory role with HCA UK and is paid by HCA UK for this advisory role. We describe the nature of the role below, and we indicate how much the doctor has been paid for performing the role since 1 January 2023


Dr Barnard is the Responsible Officer for HCA UK.


The position of Responsible Officer is a statutory position with duties set out in the Medical Profession (Responsible Officer Regulations) 2010. A key duty of HCA’s Responsible Officer is to establish and supervise a suitable professional structure to allow the process of Revalidation for all consultants working in HCA. When required to do so, the Responsible Officer will make recommendations to the General Medical Council about a doctor’s fitness to practice. The post holder shares in the responsibility for developing systems to allow early identification of poor performance and conduct within the consultant body; and this includes an involvement in designing the quality appraisal processes.


Dr Barnard is Consultant Chair of HCA UK's Anaesthetics Department.


Consultant Chairs of HCA UK clinical Departments support the implementation of the cross-facility department structure across HCA, including in sub-specialty councils as needed.  Through effective chairing of department meetings, they can help drive improvements for HCA Healthcare UK in their specialist area, including in patient safety, governance, quality and growth opportunities.


This doctor provides expertise and advice to HCA, including on how to operate safe hospital facilities delivering complex care. In 2023 the total paid for these services was £127,703.


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