Dr Amen Sibtain

Dr Amen Sibtain represents Leaders in Oncology Care as its Chief Medical Advisor. This role includes, but not limited to, providing professional advice on clinical governance matters, completion of audits, policies, procedures and protocols consistent with evidence based guidelines.


Dr Sibtain works with the Medical Advisory Committee to ensure there is an appropriate and effective procedure in place for the review of practitioners’ credentials whom are applying to practice at the hospital.


He also helps advise on new legislation as it affects consultant practice such as revalidation and advise on implementation of this within the hospital.


To help increase utilisation of the hospital, Dr Sibtain will also advise on hospital plans and programmes to asses and improve the quality and efficiency of the hospital services, along with monitoring doctor and patient satisfaction with the hospital. This will also include assisting with orientation and education programmes for the medical and non-medical community at large.


All services provided under this agreement are charged to HCA UK. In 2020, the total paid for these services was £15,260. Until 31 August, the total paid for these services in 2021 is £16,829.


HCA requires the doctors that advise us to attest that if they also practice in the NHS that they are not compromising their NHS commitments.


The information disclosed on this page in accordance with the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 is true and accurate to the best of HCA’s knowledge and belief.


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