Miss Verona Beckles

Transparency under the CMA Order 2014


All private healthcare operators are required under the Competition and Markets Authority Order 2014 (“The CMA Order”) to be transparent about the relationship between their doctor and the private healthcare operator. Therefore, prospective patients should be aware that (in addition to being permitted to consult with and to treat patients at our facilities) this doctor also has an advisory role with HCA UK and is paid by HCA UK for this advisory role. We describe the nature of the role below, and we indicate how much the doctor has been paid for performing the role since 1 January 2023


Miss Beckles is a member of the London Sports Orthopaedics group (LSO): a partnership of consultant experts specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of bone, joint, muscle and all other musculoskeletal disorders, including sports injuries, degenerative joint disease and arthritis.


LSO’s specialists treat patients suffering from knee injury, hip injury, shoulder and elbow injury, foot and ankle injury, and back strain. They also help patients with arthritis of the joints.


Offering the latest treatment options, including keyhole surgery, biological joint reconstruction and high performance custom-made knee and hip replacement, the group’s specialists all share the same ethos and approach to the practice of medicine, with the utmost commitment to patients.


This group of doctors provide medical advisory services for HCA's London Bridge Hospital including in providing our sports orthopaedics services. In their role, they lead interactions with hospital medical staff and the hospital leadership team to assist the hospital by providing medical advice and promote high quality, cost effective care.


In their role, they contribute to the strategy, policies and decision making regarding orthopaedics and advise HCA to ensure that care provided within the facility is appropriate and efficient. In their role, they advise on initiatives to drive clinical standards by providing professional advice on clinical governance matters and ensuring the adoption of those by colleagues in the orthopaedics area.


In addition, they work with medical insurance companies, GPs, other relevant local NHS contacts and patients to educate and advise on relevant clinical updates to treatments in orthopaedics available in the facility. Furthermore, they advise on the accuracy of literature that may be published regarding relevant services. They will also advise on how to make the patient referral smooth to reduce stress and anxiety for patients.


HCA UK is charged by doctors in return for their expertise and advice, including on how to operate safe hospital facilities delivering complex care. In 2023 the total paid to this group of nine doctors for these services was £55,608.


If a doctor provides HCA UK with medical advisory services and also practises in the NHS, HCA UK requires that doctor to attest that he/she is not compromising his/her NHS commitments in so doing.


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