The extremity MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner is a new piece of equipment that's been specifically designed for the hands, wrists, elbows, feet, ankles and knees. Using the same technology as a full-body MRI scanner, a strong magnetic field and radio waves create high quality, detailed images of tissues and internal structures in these areas.
These images are fed back to a computer screen for a consultant to analyse.  In some cases, extremity MRIs are able to depict issues such as fractures that may not show up on a standard X-ray.

The extremity MRI scanner is more compact than a standard MRI because it only scans a limb at a time, not the whole body. This makes it a more comfortable experience for patients Extremity MRIs are painless, safe and don't involve radiation. 


Most of our facilities are equipped with the latest diagnostic imaging equipment - including the extremity MRI.

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