Outstanding hospitals

HCA UK is the only private hospital provider in London to have 'outstanding' ratings from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 50% of HCA UK’s inspected facilities have been rated 'outstanding' over the last 12 months. Out of all the independent hospitals inspected so far by the CQC, only 6% were rated 'outstanding', putting HCA UK in a different league to others. We were positively rated across the board for our caring and professional staff, for being responsive to individual patient needs, and for the quality of our patient outcomes.
International patient in reception

Everyone matters

We welcome and care for patients from all backgrounds. We offer culturally appropriate meals, facilities and treatment, and can provide interpreters when needed. "International patents said their specific cultural and religious needs had been met in full by the service" - CQC Report 2017, Harley Street at UCH.
HCA UK have looked after our whole family. We can't thank them enough.

Patient's father

Safety first and foremost


Dr Tom Newsom-Davis


Monitoring standards of care

"We are constantly monitoring what we do, to make sure that our standards are as high as possible, and to identify if anything needs changing." Dr Tom Newsom-Davis, Consultant Oncologist at Leaders in Oncology Care
Dr Alison Jones


Sharing our knowledge

"In private practice, we can often use new drugs before they are available on the NHS. This is why we do informative audits as part of clinical governance work, which involves sharing our experience of these drugs, their side-effects and results with other health professionals so that they can benefit from our work to help their patients." Dr Alison Jones, Consultant Medical Oncologist at The Wellington Hospital and Leaders in Oncology Care (LOC)



Dr Andy Petros


High quality staff and training

"All our junior doctors are working or have worked recently in NHS teaching hospitals and it is very important that they bring with them the gold standard clinical practices in the NHS." Dr Andy Petros, Consultant Paediatric Intensivist and Director of The Portland Hospital Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
Mr Arjun Shankar


Being prepared for every eventuality

"Making sure there are always doctors available in every specialism should a patient take a turn for the worse or develop complications is a key part of patient safety." Dr Arjun Shankar, Consultant General Surgeon and Medical Director of The Lister Hospital



Dr Phillip Harrison


Taking action to safeguard patients

"It’s about having an early warning system in place so that we can constantly monitor what is happening and step in to make sure the highest standards of care are provided." Dr Phillip Harrison, Consultant Liver Specialist, London Bridge Hospital
Professor Roger Kirby


Working as a team to provide the right treatment

"Every patient my team operates on is discussed with a group of around 25 clinicians, medical oncologists and radiologists, all of whom have different views and specialities. During these weekly MDT meetings we decide the best option for each patient, so that it takes out any clinical bias." Professor Roger Kirby, Consultant Urological Surgeon, and Professor of Urology at The Princess Grace Hospital


Better outcomes for patients

No other UK provider can match our global scale, breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise. We treat 27 million people each year across our global network, and we learn from each and every one of these encounters, so that we can deliver world-class outcomes to each individual patient that we care for.

Minimising the risk

Our priority is to minimise the risk of hospital-acquired infections, including MRSA. We have robust systems in place across our facilities. And all our staff have ongoing training to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and safety are met.

Quality awards

HCA UK has received more awards and nominations than any other private healthcare group over the last five years. 2016: Private Hospital Group of the Year, Health Investor 2016: International Cancer Centre of the Year, International Medical Tourism Journal

Delivering healthcare as it should be

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