Selvavinayagam Vireswer

Vice President, Development

Selvavinayagam Vireswer

“Working with high quality partners is essential to deliver a world-class service to our customers. My role is to identify and work with these organisations to deliver mutual benefit”

Selvavinayagam, or Vires, has been with HCA Healthcare UK since 2012 in a number of different roles, moving into VP, Development in January 2017. He is responsible for HCA UK’s inorganic growth through transactions and partnerships.

Vires leads discussions with leading NHS Hospitals to develop high quality facilities such as HCA UK at University College Hospital, The Christie Private Care and Private Care at Guy’s. He is also responsible for bringing innovative and strategic companies into the HCA UK group.

Vires has previously held similar director roles within the NHS, and was a consultant with McKinsey. He has also founded and grown companies in the health and fitness sectors.

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